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France In A Flash - Arrange A Quick French Getaway

France In A Flash - How To Arrange A Super-quick French Getaway Sometimes you just want to drop it all and get out of the country for a bit. Maybe an overnight stay or a weekend is all you need to get a change of scene and perhaps a bit of perspective on life at home. For such last-minute travel whims booking a flight is a drag. Firstly, you need to research the airline operators who use your local airport, then pick a destination that won’t set you back a fortune, then work out their baggage charges and airport taxes. For a quick getaway, airports are really nothing like as convenient as they used to be even twenty years ago. Instead, consider a trip to France as a much more viable option for your party, especially if it is to be arranged at the last moment. By foot, it is easy to get to the Channel ports of Northern France like Calais , Dunkirk or Boulogne-sur-mer . If you choose to take your car, then it is not much further to head into Normandy, Belgium or even the