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Balboa Island Newport Beach

Here’s Why Balboa Island Should be Your Next Vacation Destination Balboa Island is a small, modified island that is considered a part of Newport Beach, CA. The ocean forms a sort of moat around the island as it has no waterway access to the open ocean.    The island has just under 3,000 residents and is predominantly devoted to beach-going tourists with a multitude of wonderful resorts , ocean activities and events. Of all the beaches in California, why take a trip to Balboa Island? Here are a few reasons. There is a Wonderful Array of Activities    Balboa Island offers a number of fun activities for its visitors. Kid-friendly activities include sand castle exhibits, parasailing, and good, old-fashioned beach trips. Boat tours, whale watching, and snorkeling can be fun for the whole family while more adult-oriented adventures might include boat rentals or sport fishing. Nearby, there are also easily accessible city activities which include Coney Island, restaurant