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Horse Riding in the Algarve - Giddy Up!

The Portuguese Algarve is an ideal setting for a great horse-riding experience that is very different from riding in the UK. Rides are available on beaten tracks through the unspoilt countryside, around the high cliffs that offer amazing views over the Atlantic and in the spray of the sea along secluded beaches. The wonderful Algarve climate and friendly guides will only add to the pleasure of your rides. There are lots of opportunities for riding alone or in small groups and all levels of expertise are catered for. Check out some of what is available here.  Quinta Paradise Alto (QPA ), Lagos – offers everything from a 1 or 2 hour accompanied ride in the beautiful countryside to a week-long horse riding experience. Short rides take you through well-worn tracks taking in rivers, hills and valleys with a qualified instructor 20 minute pony rides are available for small children Picnic and restaurant rides take about four hours and involve lunch in the