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Enjoy Beach Life & Discover More in Cuba

Cuba is the least commercialised country amongst the Caribbean islands. Ten hours on an international flight may not be that appealing, particularly when you know there are places you’d like to visit in Europe, but it’s a fantastic adventure to see this part of the world – largely untouched by mass commercialisation – enjoy it before it changes! What’s On Offer Where to start? Well, it has over 300 beaches, and they are magnificent. Fine grained, pale sand dotted with palm trees and on the commercially developed beaches of places like Varadero, you’ll find the full range of water activities, including scuba diving, deep sea fishing, sailing and water-ski-ing. Varadero was a quiet peninsula until the 1940’s, when the hotel magnets moved in and began building a holiday empire and activity base, in what is now the most developed part of the island. It’s ideal for anyone who likes the 24 hour party life! With over 50% of all the hotel accommodation on Cuba, hundreds of restaurants,