What does the south of France have to offer golf enthusiasts?

Whether you’ve been considering it for a while, or you’ve just decided to go on a whim, choosing the perfect location for your next holiday can be difficult, particularly if you’re not exactly sure that the location you have your eyes on will be suited to your needs and interests. However, if you’re a fan of both golfing and beautiful coastlines and stunning, yet not overwhelming weather, we highly recommend you visit the south of France for some of the most breath-taking golf courses and resorts in Europe.
What does the south of France actually have to offer golf enthusiasts? We’ll take a look at some of the most popular golfing locations and tourist spots in the south of France, to see what floats your boat when it comes to teeing off. 

Golf Resorts and Hotels

The south of France is famous for having golf specific resorts and hotels. All golfing, all the time! Forget poolside leisure, walking along the coastline, watching a movie or anything drab like that. These golfing resorts are purpose built for only the most dedicated and it really shows. The Royal Mougins Golf Resort and the Chateau De La Begude are both fantastic 4 star resorts located in the rolling countryside with fields and courses as far as the eye can see. Simply beautiful.

Private Gold Clubs

It pays to have connections in high places, as most people find and the private golf clubs of the south of France are no exception. There are some fantastic 36-hole courses that you will find it difficult to get into, including the Four Seasons Terre Blanche and Prince de Provence but if you ever get the opportunity these clubs should not be missed. Provence is known as the premier region for golf clubs and Vidauban contains one of the country’s most golf clubs, open to invite only (we’re afraid).

The courses are certainly worth the money, covering aw-inspiring lakes, beautiful greens and a backdrop to rival that of many of Scotland’s golf courses as many of them have idyllic views of the mountains behind them. Unfortunately whether or not you’ll be able to book one is entirely down to luck.
Coastal Courses

You might be a little unlucky in terms of high winds but it is worth it for the views. The south of France is home to a number of coastal courses that makes the best use of the sparkling French coastline, from the outskirts of Montpellier to Saint Cyprien. Coastal golf courses provide an extra difficulty for those looking for a challenge, so why not test yourself by checking out those beautiful ranges?

High-Altitude Courses

Taking advantage of the stunning range of different scenic locations throughout the south of France the Chamonix Golf Club is an idyllic high-altitude course which overlooks the Mont-blanc mountain range. The courses are varied, offering a number of challenges including streams and the rough Arve River, which has to be crossed every now and then during the 18-hole course.

Whether you’re looking at saving some money by renting out a gorgeous classical south of France villa in order to spend some time relaxing while you hit the golf courses, or you want to go all out with one of the many golfing resorts and hotels dotted around, the south of France is the perfect location to get your golfing game back on track. Choose from a wide selection of different courses with beautiful backdrops, during the summer or in the spring time to catch the delicious European weather, or later on the year if you prefer it a little milder. It is completely up to you. 
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