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What does the south of France have to offer golf enthusiasts?

Whether you’ve been considering it for a while, or you’ve just decided to go on a whim, choosing the perfect location for your next holiday can be difficult, particularly if you’re not exactly sure that the location you have your eyes on will be suited to your needs and interests. However, if you’re a fan of both golfing and beautiful coastlines and stunning, yet not overwhelming weather, we highly recommend you visit the south of France for some of the most breath-taking golf courses and resorts in Europe.   What does the south of France actually have to offer golf enthusiasts? We’ll take a look at some of the most popular golfing locations and tourist spots in the south of France, to see what floats your boat when it comes to teeing off.  Golf Resorts and Hotels The south of France is famous for having golf specific resorts and hotels. All golfing, all the time! Forget poolside leisure, walking along the coastline, watching a movie or anything drab like that. These golfin