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Visit Lisbon - A city that marries city and beach life

Lisbon, best known for its inexpensive seafood meals, faded colonial architecture from Portugal’s international empire and throwback cable cars, makes for one of the best destinations to visit in Europe. Being a coastal city, Lisbon marries city and beach life better than any other place in the world. This small city has its own charm particularly in the summer months. As you head towards the beach on begonia blossomed streets, you will witness cars with surf boards stacked on top as people make their way to the beachy suburbs of Cascais and Estoril, a short 20 minute drive from the city center. Either go skin deep in the cerulean blue dome or get some sand between your toes whilst enjoying the breeze of the salty Atlantic air, or maybe you can just enjoy a plate of garlicky ameijoas (seashells) with a tumbler of brain-freeze cold lager. The social life of the city is bursting with everything from electronic music to philosophical conferences to free-form jazz. For thos