Things to See and Do In Alanya

Alanya one of the nature’s most generous region, formerly known as Alaiye situated on the Southern coast of Pamphylia, Turkey. It is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. It has a lot to offer, from exciting views, great sight-seeing locations, interesting tours and great shopping areas that are really every shopper's heaven.

Walk Around Alanya

Start by walking around the town to get a feel of the place, however, don't do this on the hot months of July and August because it can be quite uncomfortable. You could also rent a bike or an electric scooter to help you move around, or a Dolmus which is very affordable.


Alanya has a beautiful sceneries that you will find it very attractive. Take your camera and start with the Sapadere canyon. Take a walk in the Sapadere Canyon and you will never forget the experience. You will marvel at the beautiful waterfalls which are varied in size, the forest and colorful plantation at the end of the route. You can also take a bath as you enjoy all nature has to offer in the Sapadere Canyons. There are also restaurants and a small shop that is worth visiting after a Sapadere canyon tour. 

Visit Alanya Lunapark

If you have kids consider visiting the famous Alanya Lunapark known as Tivoli. It is a frequently visited place by tourists and locals alike. Children will absolutely love this place because it caters for all their interests. Don't forget to visit the Citadel also known as Kale, which can be found at a hilly peninsula mostly surrounded on three sides by the sea and the other part by the city. It is a great place that offers a great view once you get to the castle.

Do not forget The Red Tower

Also remember to visit The Red Tower which is hexagonal and the old shipyard known as Tersane which was built back in the year 1228. And it is one of the most worthwhile visit.
So, do not forget to visit this beautiful tower.

Have A Bowling experience

Don't leave Alanya without having a bowling experience. There are eight lanes, great music system, adequate lighting, games and other entertainment in the only bowling location in Alanya. You will have a lot of fun with the bowling experience and even if you never get to bowl, you can do other fun activities.

Experience the Go-Kart

The Go-Kart is simply a gasoline-powered ride that runs on four wheels. Alanya park go-kart will give you an adrenaline rushing experience which will make you feel exactly like one of those formula one drivers who race cool cars, complete with air conditioning. The court is curved, broad and safe. If you want to do some reckless high-speed car-racing, this is the ideal place.


This is one of the most fun, easy and exciting experiences in Alanya. You will be treated to a great view while flying over 200m above the sea. It is a great way to explore this beautiful region. There are well trained professionals who will ensure your safety throughout this experience.


Diving is one of the water sports that you will enjoy tremendously in Alanya. You will be fitted with the diving equipment and enjoy all the flora, fauna and other underwater life. Both beginners and the experienced will have a great time

There are many more exciting and fun things to do in Alanya. To experience all the fun things in Alanya you need to first visit that city. In order to visit that city, you need to apply for Turkey visas. It is easy to obtain online at the government website, why not take an e-visa which is ideal for tourists and then get ready to have the most exciting moments in your life.


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