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An Authors Trail Through Stockholm

Film and book related tourism have long provided people with a great reason to travel. Stockholm has become the latest in a great line of tourist destinations to benefit from a fan’s desire to visit the inspirational locations behind a story.  The Millennium Trilogy Steig Larsen’s summer time hit, The Millennium trilogy, features Lisbeth Salander and Mikael Blomkvist’s adventures around the streets of the Swedish capital and the release of the Hollywood movie remake only reignites interest in visits to Stockholm. Stockholm self-guide walks The city has not been shy on promoting its place in the Millennium Trilogy tales and the Stockholm Museum organises guided tours of the city, pointing out the places mentioned in the books and visited by the film crews. There are also a number of books and websites that have published a list of Stockholm’s tourist attractions that feature in the book and allow tourists to take their own self-guided tour of the city streets.  Larsen

Things to See and Do In Alanya

Alanya one of the nature’s most generous region, formerly known as Alaiye situated on the Southern coast of Pamphylia, Turkey. It is one of the most popular destinations for tourists. It has a lot to offer, from exciting views, great sight-seeing locations, interesting tours and great shopping areas that are really every shopper's heaven. Walk Around Alanya Start by walking around the town to get a feel of the place, however, don't do this on the hot months of July and August because it can be quite uncomfortable. You could also rent a bike or an electric scooter to help you move around, or a Dolmus which is very affordable. Sightseeing Alanya has a beautiful sceneries that you will find it very attractive. Take your camera and start with the Sapadere canyon. Take a walk in the Sapadere Canyon and you will never forget the experience. You will marvel at the beautiful waterfalls which are varied in size, the forest and colorful plantation at the