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Take A Trip To Sochi For The Russian Grand Prix

The Winter Olympics in Sochi have put Russia firmly on the sporting map, and this year, the Black Sea resort will be using its Olympic Park to host a Formula 1 championship race for the first time. This historic event will mark 100 years since a Grand Prix has taken place in Russia, and the 3.6 mile track (the third longest in the series) is reported to have cost in excess of $200 million to build and arrange. The Holiday Of A Lifetime Grandstand Motorsports already offer Formula 1 packages to many of the famous races of this world renowned series, and this year will begin to offer bespoke holidays for those looking to take in some exhilarating racing, and then see the sights of this captivating and enigmatic country. Click here to find more about Grandstand Motorsport's holiday packages. Sochi - The Black Sea Resort Sochi has long been a holiday destination for Russians before the Winter Olympics came to town. This Black Sea resort doesn’t fit the typical notion of R