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5 Amazing Things For Children to Do in Tenerife

Fun Holiday When you and your children step out of the plane in Tenerife, you fall in love at first sight with the place. Everything about this paradise island is magical - its beaches, the sea, air and people. You might find that your stay is too short for all the magnificent things you and your children can do in Tenerife. The choice is all yours; be it swimming in the crystal blue seawater or in wonderful aqua parks, visiting the zoo with a variety of wild animals, or taking your children to see the most spectacular dolphin shows. Tenerife holidays are truly amazing! Make a Sandcastle Tenerife is renowned for its beautiful beaches of gold and white sand that was brought over from the desert. Look for the white sand beaches as they are easier to walk on and your children will enjoy making a sandcastle while playing around. You can spend some quality time with your children and show them how to use their buckets, rakes and shovels that they happily brought with th

Size Matters - Tallest Skyscrapers In Dubai

Renowned for its opulence and extravagance, Dubai is a cosmopolitan and commercial city which is continually striving to enhance its position as one of the most influential business and tourism hubs in the world. Boasting an array of breathtaking buildings, look no further than the city’s skyline for architectural achievements to amaze and astound. Burj Khalifa This feat of engineering is not simply a skyscraper on a stellar scale. It’s the tallest architectural wonder in the world. Boasting a wealth of record-breaking facts and figures , Burj Khalifa is both an architectural achievement and a visionary symbol of progress in the prosperous Middle East. Home to the highest outdoor observation deck in the world, visitors to the building can enjoy breathtaking views encompassing both downtown Dubai and offshore developments. With a fine dining restaurant and a recreation annex, the building also boasts both corporate residences and private apartments. Home to the infamous Arm