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Top Clubs In Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a premier destination for travelers around the world. One entertainment sector in Las Vegas are the incredible amount of hot nightclubs in the city. Each nightclub has its own theme and atmosphere, so patrons of different dispositions will find a club that meets their needs. Here are some of the top clubs in Las Vegas. TAO TAO is a nightclub located at the Venetian Hotel. Its major theme is an East Asian atmosphere with decorated Buddha statues across the dining areas, including a 20-foot tall Buddha. Upon entering, there will be models in lingerie painting henna tattoos on each other and nude models laying in rose petal bath rubs. Private party rooms include the Temple Room, the Emperors Ballroom, and eight sky boxes, with each one having their own mini-bar service. The 10,000 square foot nightclub will be pumped with fast dance music while the dining area is catered with an Asian-themed menu . Hakkasan Hakkasan is located in the MGM Grand Hotel. Designed by Chr