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As temperatures begin to dip and the summer months disappear, attention is turned to the winter season and all that it has to offer budding holiday-makers. Instead of mourning the loss of the summer sun, it's time to consider a skiing holiday, taking full advantage of the winter months.

Booking adventure or sports holidays can prove stressful, so it is important to find a package holiday deal that suits you and your fellow travellers. Vigorous research can seem like a chore but it will be beneficial in the long run, saving you money and ensuring you've booked the best holiday possible.

Skiing is a popular holiday activity and perfect for those who prefer to get out and about in the fresh air rather than lounging by the pool. For those wishing to enjoy a holiday on the slopes, here are some of the world's best skiing destinations:


Aspen, Colorado, is perhaps the most popular skiing region in the USA and attracts tourists from all over the globe with its pristine slopes. It offers sublime facilities for its guests and is well known to be a popular getaway for the rich and famous. It's popular due to its range of slopes that offer a little something for everyone, beginner to seasoned pro. Situated around Aspen Mountain, the slopes run through acres of excellent terrain, ensuring the experience of a lifetime for all who endeavour to visit this American gem.


Next up is Chamonix, France, the famous Alps region that offers some of the greatest slopes in Europe as well as some gorgeous backdrops and stunning views over the Alps, sitting at the foot of Mont Blanc. The slopes aim to cater for a more experienced gang of skiers and the resort, not lacking smaller slopes, has some of the most exhilarating and difficult routes in the world. The first ever Winter Olympic Games were held here almost 100 years ago and it has gone from strength to strength ever since, gaining the credit of being the most well-known ski-resort in the world.


Whilst Switzerland has plenty of competition when it comes to strong skiing destinations thanks to having the Alps, Zermatt is perhaps the best of them. Not only are the slopes perfect for all levels of skiers, the town itself is remarkably peaceful thanks to the car-free policy employed. After Whistler, Zermatt holds the world's second largest vertical drop (available to reach by lift) and due to its excellent location, lack of snowfall is never an issue for the resort.

Whistler Blackcomb

Finally, Whistler Blackcomb, in British Columbia, Canada, is one of the true masterpieces when it comes to thriving ski resorts. Its towering mountains and fantastic services culminate in a great experience and it can also boast the largest vertical drop of any resort in the world. Internationally, it's a hit; constantly rated as the best ski-resort in the world, it lives up to its name with some superb slopes and first-class accommodation for its guests.

Millicent Scott is an avid skiier and world traveller. She funds her globetrotting by writing freelance for a digital marketing company.


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