Top Holiday Resorts in Mexico

Mexico offers a wide range of fabulous holiday resorts to suit any taste. From urban cities and ancient Mayan ruins to sun-soaked beaches and tropical jungles, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this spectacular country. 


Arguably the most popular holiday resort in Mexico, Cancun is located on the Caribbean coast and offers some amazing activities, great shopping and wonderful sightseeing. With its tropical climate and warm seas, the beaches in Cancun are truly extraordinary, especially if you take a short ferry-ride out to the beautiful Isla Mujeres. Visit for more information on Isla Mujeres. Whilst in Cancun, be sure not to miss out on the many opportunities to swim with dolphins as this is an extremely memorable experience. As one of the top spa destinations in the world, Cancun also provides a huge selection of health and beauty resorts for a perfect day of pure bliss. 


Situated in the northeast of Mexico on the Pacific Coast, Oaxaca is a vast and striking holiday resort. With its historic town centre and splendid square, Oaxaca is filled with tranquil cobbled streets, colonial buildings and quaint cafes. The Cathedral is breathtaking and there are many museums to visit such as the Museo de las Culturas de Oaxaca and the Rufino Tamayo Museum. The Monte Alban ruins is one of the most impressive archaeological sites in Latin America and is an ideal destination for avid sightseers. For further information about Monte Alban, check out

Puerto Vallarta

A beautiful Mexican resort situated on the Pacific Coast amongst the breathtaking Sierra Madre Mountains, Puerto Vallarta is an extremely popular holiday destination. The resort itself features golden beaches where many water-sport activities can be enjoyed and Los Arcos National Marine Park is a great location for adventurous travellers. The historic Old Town is an art and culture paradise with an array of galleries, sculptures and festivals to experience.


Tulum is another great Mexican resort. The only Mayan ruins located on the coast, Tulum attracts visitors from all over the world. The archaeological site itself is a wonder to behold, with well-preserved ruins dating back to the thirteenth-century that are simply awe-inspiring and an ancient castle situated on the cliff-top. Overlooking the Caribbean Sea, the views from the castle are outstanding. Visit for more information. Hidden Worlds Cenotes Park, based in the heart of the jungle, features the largest system of underwater caves and caverns on the planet where a vast array of fish and other marine life can be found.

Mexico City

Mexico City is a wonderfully unique holiday resort. The Centro Historico district is where the Plaza de la Constitucion is located. Surrounded by architectural masterpieces such as the Cathedral and historic colonial buildings such as City Hall, Mexico City is also home to the Aztec Temple Mayor which features a fantastic collection of pyramids, shrines and ancient carvings. Mexico City also has a huge selection of museums such as the National Museum of Anthropology and the Museum of Modern Art, which are perfect for the more studious travellers. The Condesa and Roma districts are brimming with trendy restaurants, cafes and shops and the nightlife here is unlike anywhere else in the world. Travelling around the city can be hectic, so check out Alamo Car Hire who have vehicles available for pick-up from Mexico City International Airport.


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