Amateur travel photographers of the world unite...your holiday snaps could win you an iPad Mini

Ok I’m the first to admit it, I could never be described as a dab hand with a camera, but that doesn’t stop me from getting snap happy the minute I set foot on foreign shores. My desktop is full to the brim with slightly dodgy shots of sunsets over the horizon and the view down from church steeples.

However, I think I have to concur with Annie Leibovitz that the thirst to capture a picture, stops for no one.
“One doesn’t stop seeing. One doesn’t stop framing. It doesn’t turn off and turn on. It’s on all the time”.
Luckily, there are some diamonds in the rough in my collection of travel photos – and particularly inspiring snap of the Victoria Falls being one of them – so when I stumbled upon Questor Insurance’s holiday hotshots photo competition , I felt that I was ready to climb to the lofty heights of photography stardom.

Well I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and my prowess for photography won’t be honed with a just few shoestring backpacker trips, but if I don’t seize the day now when will I?

So I my strategy for winning the top prize of an iPad Mini is as simple as it is brilliant. I will choose a picture that is bound to pull at the heart strings of young and old alike, the kind of picture that will be etched into people’s memories forever.

I have been perusing the photographs in the National Geographic Traveler Photo Competition 2013 for inspiration – a little over enthusiastic I know! – and the winning entry has all the hallmarks of a great photo – people, action and enthusiasm all rolled into one.

While the photograph I am thinking of submitting doesn’t feature the human interest angle, what it does have going for it is the cute factor. When I was travelling around South East Asia a few years ago I spent some time trekking with elephants in Thailand – and have a really clear shot of the elephants at bath time – what could be more adorable or snap worthy?

So my plan is this; enter the competition by liking the Questor Insurance Facebook page, submit a photo or two – you can submit as many as you like - before the competition end date of August 31st. Then just cross my fingers that I am in with a chance of winning an iPad Mini or two runner up prizes of a travel insurance policy worth up to £75, to get my next trip off to a flying start.


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