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Emerging Holiday Destinations

As the tourism industry continues to change, some holiday destinations become more popular than others; often, a country once neglected by tourists will suddenly enter the public eye. Here is a quick list of some of the top five emerging holiday destinations of 2013. Macedonia   Image Source The Republic of Macedonia is a country with both a rich and turbulent history, so visitors will not have to go far to find a monument or landmark to give them an insight into the unique past of the region. Travellers can get a taste of the 10th century by visiting Car Samoil's Castle in Ohrid , or by taking a look at the mosques in the largely Muslim area of Sveti Dimitrija in Skopje - which also boasts an attractive 19th century church. Mayan Riviera Image Source A good way to ensure that you can explore a picturesque location while keeping within a budget is to enjoy an all inclusive holiday on the beach . If you love relaxing on the beach without having to worry about holiday

Amateur travel photographers of the world unite...your holiday snaps could win you an iPad Mini

Ok I’m the first to admit it, I could never be described as a dab hand with a camera, but that doesn’t stop me from getting snap happy the minute I set foot on foreign shores. My desktop is full to the brim with slightly dodgy shots of sunsets over the horizon and the view down from church steeples. However, I think I have to concur with Annie Leibovitz that the thirst to capture a picture, stops for no one. “One doesn’t stop seeing. One doesn’t stop framing. It doesn’t turn off and turn on. It’s on all the time”. Luckily, there are some diamonds in the rough in my collection of travel photos – and particularly inspiring snap of the Victoria Falls being one of them – so when I stumbled upon Questor Insurance’s holiday hotshots photo competition , I felt that I was ready to climb to the lofty heights of photography stardom. Well I know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and my prowess for photography won’t be honed with a just few shoestring backpacker trips, but if

Hotels To Escape The Summer Heat

While it’s always nice to see winter leave, the hot, humid temperatures of high summer do not appeal to all people. Even if you have air conditioning available, stepping outside during a heat wave or having to endure if the electricity fails can make summer a misery. If you have become tired of the heat and long to enjoy a bit of cold weather in July or August, you may well find one of these vacation spots to your liking. The Aurora Ice Hotel is probably the very coldest hotel on earth. Located north of Fairbanks, Alaska, this hotel and museum is made entirely of ice. The temperature inside the hotel is approximately 20 degrees Fahrenheit, so you will have no trouble cooling off inside. You will be provided with parkas and boots that will help you to handle the cold and the nearby resort is available when you want a shower, or want to warm up a bit. The Kulmhotel Gornergrat is the perfect place to escape the summer heat when you’re travelling in Switzerland. Located near St