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Ten of the best Greek Restaurants in Thessaloniki

Want to know how you can tell a truly great Greek restaurant? The food is excellent and even the plates are smashing. It’s thought that the Greek practice of smashing plates after a meal both signifies joy and wards off bad luck. However, before you start to show your appreciation of a superb meal in one of Thessaloniki’s many authentic Greek restaurants by bouncing crockery off the walls, please bear in mind that nowadays plate smashing is usually reserved for special occasions – such as weddings – only. Not to worry; no doubt there are other ways to express your enjoyment after a meal at any one of this selection of ten of the best Greek restaurants in Thessaloniki…

  1. To Full Tou Meze, Ladadika, 3 Katouni, Kentro
    This atmospheric yet compact restaurant is situated in Thessaloniki’s Turkish Quarter. Popular with locals (always a good barometer of a restaurant’s quality), Full Tou Meze serves fresh and authentic Greek cuisine including a huge variety of mezes, and many speciality seafood dishes.

  2. Trata, Coast 69 Thermaikos
    Along the coast from Thessaloniki Airport and convenient for guests of the luxurious Hyatt Regency Thessaloniki Hotel, Trata has been serving Greek cuisine prepared from the freshest ingredients for two decades. The restaurant and taverna’s beautiful seafront setting make it the perfect choice for romantic al fresco dining, and –naturally- seafood is a house speciality.

  3. Rouga, 28, Karipi
    Chic yet rustically-styled, Rouga offers generously-sized portions of excellent Greek cuisine from a wide and varied menu which includes moussaka, saganaki and a speciality seafood stew. The service is attentive yet discreet, the prices reasonable and the whole Rouga dining experience is rounded off by the accompaniment of live Greek music.

  4. Mavri Thalassa, Chilis & Plastira 31, Κalamaria
    Offering views of Mount Olympus and across the Gulf of Thermaikos, the seafront Mavri Thalassa epitomises fine Greek and seafood dining. Expertly prepared classic Greek dishes including dolmades, pikantiki and kolokithokeftedes rub shoulders with the freshest fish and seafood from squid to scorpionfish, all accompanied by an outstanding wine list. 

  5. Perek, Monopigado
    For an alternative to views of Thessaloniki’s city streets, a trip to eat at the out-of-town Perek is well rewarded. The restaurant’s beautiful, rustic dining room and large open-air terrace afford stunning views of unspoilt countryside stretching to Mount Olympus on the horizon. Freshly-baked bread complements o host of traditional Greek dishes lovingly created with fresh local produce.

  6. Omega 3, 56 Andreou Georgiou
    The name might sound like some kind of health supplement, but Omega 3 is a chic new upmarket restaurant which specialises in seafood and contemporary Greek cuisine. A modern vibe, attentive service and stylishly-presented food set Omega 3 apart for those seeking a fresh alternative to the traditional Greek restaurant.

  7. Zythos, 5 Katouni/Ladadika

    On a sun-dappled street corner in the Ladadika district, the charming Zythos restaurant, with its tiled-floors, huge windows, marble-topped tables and classical decor has a charm that is every bit as pleasurable as its varied menu of meat and fish dishes, and lunch or dinner at Zythos’ outside tables provides the perfect opportunity to relax, take time over an excellent meal, and watch the world go by.

  8. Myrovolos Smyrni, Komninon 32 near Ermou Street
    Tucked away in a quiet corner in the Mondiano Market this popular restaurant, also known as ‘Tou Thanassi’ after its late owner, is worth seeking out. Specialising in seafood dishes including squid and mussels, diners can enjoy not only great Greek food and service but may also be serenaded by bouzouki, accordion or violin-playing musicians.

  9. Ta Nissia, Proxenou Koromila 13, Kentro
    Expect to pay a little more at Ta Nissia; this is a cut above your average Thessaloniki restaurant. But for a special night out you’re guaranteed exquisitely-flavoured and perfectly executed traditional and contemporary Greek fare, including stuffed squid, veal with pureed eggplant and saffron infused artichokes. The imagination and diversity of the menu is matched by an equally lengthy wine list.

  10. Tiffany’s, Iktinou 3
    Tiffany’s restaurant is something of a Thessaloniki institution, having served the best of typically Northern Greek cuisine for more than four decades. Simple yet delicious dishes include stews and grilled meats, and for sociable diners Tiffany’s long group-dining tables help to cultivate a convivial atmosphere.


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