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Top Tables in Thessaloniki

Ten of the best Greek Restaurants in Thessaloniki Want to know how you can tell a truly great Greek restaurant? The food is excellent and even the plates are smashing. It’s thought that the Greek practice of smashing plates after a meal both signifies joy and wards off bad luck. However, before you start to show your appreciation of a superb meal in one of Thessaloniki’s many authentic Greek restaurants by bouncing crockery off the walls, please bear in mind that nowadays plate smashing is usually reserved for special occasions – such as weddings – only. Not to worry; no doubt there are other ways to express your enjoyment after a meal at any one of this selection of ten of the best Greek restaurants in Thessaloniki… To Full Tou Meze, Ladadika, 3 Katouni, Kentro This atmospheric yet compact restaurant is situated in Thessaloniki’s Turkish Quarter. Popular with locals (always a good barometer of a restaurant’s quality), Full Tou Meze serves fresh and authentic Gree

Guide to Wudaokou

Your Guide to Wudaokou: Beijing’s coolest neighbourhood If you’re after arty bars and cheap beers, then Wudaokou is undoubtedly the neighbourhood for you. Situated in the Haidian District of north western Beijing, Wudaokou (or “the Wu” as it’s affectionately known to its residents) is home to a plethora of universities, meaning that it’s a cultural mecca for students and young people from all over the world. By day, the area teams with street buskers, cafĂ© culture and second-hand book stores. By night, the eclectic mix of nationalities means that there’s a restaurant, bar or club to cater for every taste. Here are some of our favourites. Bars Lush – Voted as the best student hangout for five years running by The Beijinger magazine, Lush plays home to a whole host of cool events such as film nights, live music and open mic opportunities. The fact that it’s open 24 hours a day – as well as serving all day breakfast – makes it the default option for a great night out. 2