Watersports In Mallorca

Mallorca has miles of coastline to explore making it an ideal destination for watersports. There are so many charming resorts to visit and a wide range of possibilities to try. Whether you are a watersports pro or a complete beginner you will enjoy being active on the coast of Mallorca. Not all of the options available to you are high adrenaline sports, you can choose to do more relaxing and gentle watersports if that's more your style.

One of the reasons Mallorca is so good for these activities is because it has the right conditions for beginners and experienced athletes alike. The sea is warm and the coastal winds provide the power needed for watersports such as windsurfing and kitesurfing. There are also quieter coves and hidden bays where the waters are calmer, creating perfect conditions for waterskiing and wakeboarding. So if you are heading to Mallorca on your next holiday, here are some of the best activities to try.

Hire Boats

One of the best ways to explore the stunning Island of Mallorca is by boat. If you hire your own boat you can see the real beauty of the Island and have the freedom to go where you like. You can hire boats by the hour, half day or day depending on how long you want to be out at sea. If you don’t feel confident driving the boat yourself then you can always have a guide go with you.

Wind Surfing

Windsurfing has been popular in Mallorca for a long time. There are numerous windsurfing schools dotted along the coast, so you won't struggle to find a good place to learn. The conditions for windsurfing are slightly different at different resorts in Mallorca so it’s worth doing a bit of research before you go. For example, in Ciudad Jardin the winds are constant whereas in Palma the winds are perfect for long distance sailing.


If you want to go kitesurfing in Mallorca then it’s probably best to avoid peak holiday times. Although kite surfing is permitted, you won't be able to use your kite properly if the seas are packed full of swimmers. Places like Can Patilla, Alcudia and Palmanova are good for kitesurfing because there are good steady winds. Although kitesurfing is quite hard to master, it is definitely worth the effort: the feeling of gliding across the sea using your kite and the wind is spectacular.


Experience what it is like to fly through the sky by trying paragliding. You will get to see the sights of Mallorca from high in the sky. It is one of the best ways to see the island and see some breath-taking views. So if you are brave enough then try paragliding on your next trip to Mallorca.

Pedal Boats

Pedal boats are ideal for those looking for a more gentle activity Pedalling through the sea is very relaxing and a great way to get a good tan. Avoid going during midday when the sun is at its hottest and wear plenty of sunscreen. You should be able to hire out a pedal boat for a couple of hours from most beaches in Mallorca.


Canoeing is another gentle option, but it does require a bit more effort. It’s actually quite a good workout and you might even see some fish while you are paddling out to see. Be aware of any changes in the current or rough seas, and remember that it is best to rent out a canoe on a day when the sea is nice and calm.

Jet Skis

If you are relaxing on one of Mallorca’s beaches you will probably be able to spot a Jet Ski in the distance. They are very popular with locals and tourists around the island.  Mallorca hosts quite a few Jet Ski competitions, so if you like the sport then you might want to go and see one of them during your holiday. Jump on a Jet Ski and experience the thrill of riding through the waves at high speeds. Although you don’t need a license to drive a Jet Ski in Mallorca there are very strict rules to follow so make sure you abide by them. A lot of the resorts in Mallorca will be able to help you with hiring a jet ski.


You might have to wait for the right conditions but it will be worth the wait. At times the sea in Mallorca can be perfectly calm and still, making waterskiing much easier. Most resorts should offer waterskiing but check before you go to see if the conditions are right. Waterskiing is a popular activity around the Island and it’s an excellent skill to learn if you are willing to give it a go.

Ursula Jones is a travel writer who is a keen watersports enthusiast. She's been all around the world and rates the Mediterranean as one of the best places for watersports.


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