Getting to Know Greece

What you need to know about Greece

Whenever you travel to a foreign destination it is always a wise idea to brush up on the cultural differences. Understanding the place you are heading to, and what lies ahead, will serve you well.




Since the start of January 2002 the Greek currency is the Euro. Don’t forget to pick up your Euros before you head out. Most major credit cards will be accepted at hotels and restaurants, car hire and stores, but it is wise to make sure you have plenty of Euros with you just in case. 



The Greeks speak, well, Greek. But the second most widely spoken language is English. Greek children are taught English from a young age and most adults under 40 will be able to speak English. But it is always helpful to carry a phrase book.



When driving in Greece remember that they drive on the right hand side. Their speed limit on motorways is 75 miles per hour but this will be in kilometres which is 120km. However, mopeds and scooters are a popular way of traveling around in Greece. Due to the uneven surfaces and windy roads they are also a very common cause of injury. Make sure that if you are hiring mopeds or scooters in Greece that you wear a helmet (many locals tend not to) and that you stay alert. Driving in Greece can be tough at the best of times.



When it comes to buses and trains in Greece you will need to a certain level of patience. Time is not always, on time shall we say. Often buses and trains can leave early so make sure that you are there with time to spare. However you will need patience too as often things can be late.

Pick pockets 


When wandering the streets of some of the larger cities in Greece make sure you are aware of pickpockets. Athens is one of the safest cities in the world, but it still has pickpockets. Make sure you don’t keep anything in your pockets and keep your bag in front of you at all times.

Common sense and awareness will serve you well. Don’t let naivety spoil beatthebrochure holidays to Greece!


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