Exciting Pleasures of Mexico

South America is full of unique cultures and unless you manage to get the chance to travel coast to coast, you may have to pick just one destination to go and enjoy yourself. The beauty of South America is you can go hiking in the hills, get involved in water sports, or just lounge around at an all-inclusive resort. 

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Definitely more of a spring break destination, but Cancun still has a lot to offer outside of the hectic March season. It is a fantastic destination for those who love white sandy beaches and being pampered in all-inclusive style. Outside the realms of the hotel you can hop on a quick ferry ride and make your way to Isla Mujeres, which translates to ‘the isle of women.’ Unlike its nearby counterpart, Isla Mujeres is deeply rooted in its traditional values, meaning the hotels are small family run businesses as opposed to large chains, and you can get a freshly cooked well-priced meal in a modest but authentic restaurant. 


Oaxaca resides in the south east of Mexico and has become a popular tourist destination for a number of reasons. It attracts history lovers and food connoisseurs alike and unlike some other popular tourist places in Mexico, it has commercially developed whilst keeping its heritage. The area provides beaches, mountains and jungles, meaning you will have plenty to explore during your day. The Indian Ruins at Monte Alban are worth visiting, in addition to the famous natural landmark Hierve el Agua. 


Cozumel is an extremely popular tourist destination and widely regarded as one of the best places to go snorkelling in Mexico. Water sports such as kayaking, diving and surfing are also available and worth trying at least once. Just like the rest of Mexico, Cozumel is blessed with breath-taking beaches but it also worth visiting the Faro Celerain Eco Park. This inspirational wildlife shelter is a staggering 2,500 acres and includes everything from exotic birds to crocodiles, and of course sea turtles. 

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