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Advantages of  All-inclusive Holidays in Ibiza

One of the happiest times of  the year is when you are on holiday! And if you're young - Ibiza still has pulling power. The island, part of the Balearics belonging to Spain, offers beautiful beaches, clear blue waters, hot and sunny weather, great Spanish food and there are plenty of hidden coves and countryside landscapes to discover and explore.

Once you have settled on Ibiza as your holiday destination, you have to choose where you want to stay from the many hotels in Ibiza. There is a wide range of hotels available, but what kind of package are you looking for - half board, full board, room only?  Many hotels offer the so called “all inclusive” service - so here are some pointers as to why it could be the choice for you.

First of all, when you book an all inclusive deal, all your meals and snacks are included - and food is always available which is great for hungry tums! There are beautifully presented buffets and the hotel restaurants offer lots of choice when it comes to evening meals. 

A big advantage of going all inclusive in Ibiza  is your drinks bill is covered too. Everyone knows when paying for a meal drink charges can often take a major chunk out of your budget. You can have a leisurely drink at the hotel bar without thinking about the bill. Cheers!

When you book an all inclusive holiday you are able to see the final price of your stay up front. With your meals covered,  you can plan a proper budget for your holiday - perhaps you want a couple of excursions or big club nights. As an alternative, you might a week sunning yourself by the pool, in which case, you can leave your wallet in the safe in your hotel room - which can be quite liberating. You don't need to think about how much money you need to take out with you or worry about keeping your wallet or purse safe! Everything is accessible, from gyms, to pool fitness classes in the hotel and you don't have to worry about getting your Euros soaked!


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