Big Time Sensuality At The Blue Lagoon Spa Iceland

Located on the Reykjanes Peninsula in the southwest region of Iceland, the Blue Lagoon Spa is one of the most popular tourist destinations in this beautiful country. This spa is unique and distinguishes itself from other spas because it is a geothermal spa, fed by warm steamy waters which come straight out of the GrindavĂ­k lava field. What this essentially means is that the waters in this lagoon are heated deep below the Earth's crust. Because of this geothermic heating, the waters at the Blue Lagoon average a toasty 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit), so it feels like a lovely hot bath outside in the snow!

blue lagoon spa iceland

When you visit the Blue Lagoon Spa in Iceland, you have a number of options, ranging from the simplest - just renting a towel and soaking in the warm waters – to the full spa experience. The Blue Lagoon offers all the usual spa treatments, such as massages, sauna rooms, and full pampering packages should you wish to go that route. There is also a nice gourmet restaurant on the premises, appropriately named the Lava Restaurant. If you wish to soak in the morning, eat lunch, and then have another soak in the afternoon, you can rent a robe and eat in your dressing gown for maximum relaxation.

The water at the Blue Lagoon is salty and dense with minerals like sulphur and silica. This mineral rich water is thought by many to have healing powers, and is especially effective at treating skin conditions like psoriasis. In fact, there is a research lab on the premises devoted to studying the health benefit of the mineral rich warm water on skin conditions. The water is also known to sooth arthritis and similar joint pains.
The lagoon itself is man made and is supplied with water from the nearby geothermal energy plant in Svartsengi. Once the superheated water powers the turbines used to generate electricity, it enters the Blue Lagoon. The water is replenished every two days. For hygiene purposes, all guests are required to shower in the nude before entering the lagoon and also afterward as well.

Many first timers to the Blue Lagoon Spa Iceland expect that their head and any part of their body not submersed in the warm water will get cold. However, the Blue Lagoon is so full of warm steam that it envelopes your head, ears, neck, and shoulders in its warmth. This is also great for opening your pores as well as just relaxing in the serenity of the atmosphere. It is quite a mind-blowing sensual experience soaking in the warm water while the ambient temperature is frigidly cold. Perhaps this is where Icelandic singer Bjork got her idea for the song Big Time Sensuality!

Many Iceland tourists choose to visit the Blue Lagoon Spa Iceland at the very beginning of their trip or at the very end of their trip. If you choose to visit at the beginning of your trip, it can be a great way to de-stress so you can more fully enjoy the rest of your vacation in Iceland. If you choose to visit at the end of your trip, it can be the cherry on top of a fabulous multilayered vacation experience. The spa staff will even watch your suitcases for you and make arrangements to rush you off to the airport after your soak. Whichever way you decide to enjoy this tourist hotspot, you will definitely be in for a totally unique experience that you will never forget.

This article on the Blue Lagoon Spa in Iceland was written by an online author on behalf of Sterna Travel, a company specialising in tours of Iceland.


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