Things You Need To Check Before Leaving on Any Vacation

A vacation is supposed to be a time of peace and tranquility. A time to rest and recharge. However, for most people the act of getting to the vacation destination can be very stressful. Look to these five tips to make sure your vacation is a time of peace.

First, always make sure to call your credit card company. Several people have suffered the embarrassment of trying to make a purchase only to be declined. Sometimes the card being declined is not a matter of not having funds, but the credit company shutting off your card. This occurs on vacations because the companies are trying to protect against fraud. Companies notice excessive spending in places that you do not normally spend at and shut your card off. A simple call before you leave will let the company know that it is you spending the money and not fraud.

Second, make sure your hotel is not undergoing any major renovations. Although sometimes people can score good deals during hotel renovations, it is not helpful if all the amenities you want to use are being worked on. Several people merely look at the bottom line price and forget to see what is actually closed. Most hotel websites will mention whether or not renovations are happening. If nothing is mentioned, when you call to book your room ask the front desk.

Third, always check the weather forecast before you leave. Even in popular warm destinations, such as Florida, it does get cold and a suitcase full of tank tops and shorts will not always be enough to keep you warm. Checking the extended forecast is a simple task to ensure you pack the best clothes for your trip. Checking the forecast will also allow you to plan your days. If you know it is supposed to rain one day of your plan for an indoor activity. Hotels can often even make it easy for you to check the weather throughout your vacation. Most hotels provide cable tv that includes a weather channel. Although you may run into some unpredictable weather, a simple check can save your vacation from unnecessary stress.

Fourth, pay your bills before you leave. It seems simply, but would you like to be on the beach relaxing and start panicking because you need to find some way to pay your utilities bill. Go through all your bills and check to see what is due while you will be on vacation.

Fifth, make sure to have a prescriptions ready. Although technology has come a long way, many people can tell you how frustrating it is to get a prescription filled while out of town. Check how many pills you have, and if you are even close, consider getting a refill. Even with prescriptions like birth control where they monitor how much you refill them, pharmacists understand and will make sure you have enough for your vacation.


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