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Dublin - Ireland

Dublin - Still A Fair City If you're planning a trip to Ireland - pick up a flight to Dublin and enjoy a few days in this non stop city. It's a picturesque place, packed with marvellous monuments, fascinating things to do and see and lots of pubs! Famous historical sons of Dublin include James Joyce and Oscar Wilde and George Bernard Shaw - so there is a strong literary flavour to the places of interest! The parks and nearby countryside are lush - so it's a great city to enjoy an action packed weekend. So what's on offer in Dublin? Visit Dublin Castle or just explore the area around Trinity College. The library  is one of the most impressive sights in the city and is home to the Book of Kells, an illuminated manuscript from the 9th century. The Olympic was Dublin's first Music Hall - and has managed to keep it's original charm and it's great for Comedy Nights and a pint - you can find it on Dame Street - or go to Vicar Street (on Vicar Street!)

Turkish Treats

Dazzling colours, tempting smells, beautiful beaches and a rich history are just some of the reasons to visit Turkey this year. Sitting on the border of Asia and Europe, everything about this country is an intriguing blend of east and west. Discover the best that Turkey has to offer with our handy guide to the country’s top attractions. History   Ephesus is a must-see in Turkey and is one of the world’s best known historical sites. First an ancient Greek city and later occupied by the Romans, the remains of this residential and administrative centre are remarkably well-preserved. Located in the province of Izmir, its main sites include the Library of Celsus, the Basilica of St. John and the Temple of Artemis. There are countless other historical sites across Turkey, meaning wherever you choose to stay you will be able to experience the country’s history with ease. Aspendos boasts a Roman amphitheatre, Anatolia is the place to visit the acropolis of ancient Pergamon and t

Things You Need To Check Before Leaving on Any Vacation

A vacation is supposed to be a time of peace and tranquility. A time to rest and recharge. However, for most people the act of getting to the vacation destination can be very stressful. Look to these five tips to make sure your vacation is a time of peace. First, always make sure to call your credit card company. Several people have suffered the embarrassment of trying to make a purchase only to be declined. Sometimes the card being declined is not a matter of not having funds, but the credit company shutting off your card. This occurs on vacations because the companies are trying to protect against fraud. Companies notice excessive spending in places that you do not normally spend at and shut your card off. A simple call before you leave will let the company know that it is you spending the money and not fraud. Second, make sure your hotel is not undergoing any major renovations. Although sometimes people can score good deals during hotel renovations, it is not helpful i

The Diverse Delights Of Amman

From Roman Relics To The Rover's Return in Amman Perhaps ‘diversity’ sums up the Amman experience better than any other. In Jordan’s inspiring capital city you’ll find cultural, social, architectural and historical diversity by the bucket load. One moment you can be standing in the air-conditioned five-star opulence of the lobby of the Grand Hyatt Amman Hotel and the next find yourself amid the seven thousand year old ruins of Amman’s once-mighty, and still magnificent, Roman citadel. Detractors might claim that Amman has become too westernised and doesn’t possess the authentic heritage or attractions of other middle-eastern hotspots such as Cairo and Petra, but they’re a) wrong and b) missing the point. It’s the contrasting nature of Amman that makes it so special. Those who arrive in Amman seeking an historical adventure worthy of Indiana Jones himself can’t fail to be delighted by the wealth of historic sites and attractions on offer. The aforementioned citadel sits hi

Serious Shopping in Saudi Arabia: Riyadh

The Arabian Peninsula has recently become an exotic and alluring tourist destination for those seeking something a little different. One of the main reasons for travelling to the desert kingdom’s capital Riyadh is for its excellent shopping facilities and bargains on top named brands. Here shoppaholics can experience the thrill of wandering around a completely ultramodern air-conditioned shopping centre or try out the fun of haggling and bartering in the city’s exhilarating, traditional bazaars. The thoroughly modern Saudi Arabian city of Riyadh has some of the most interesting shopping available and you can find almost anything in its vast centres, glittering with gold and brightly coloured decorations. The other appeal of shopping in Saudi Arabia is that goods are zero VAT rated and therefore, much cheaper than you will find in Western shops. Whether you are looking out for the latest in modern technical innovations, designer sports wear or traditional Arabian trinkets, like