Holiday Destinations for Budding Photographers

Photographs are visual memories that can be treasured forever! They’re irreplaceable and special to many people, so why not snap some images of your own? There are some fantastic holiday destinations for budding photographers, so check out these must-see places.





You might think you need to apply for a credit card to fund this trip, but there are some reasonable deals online. Many companies have reduced their fees because of the economic climate, so take a look and see what you can find. The stunning watts, exquisite monuments, quaint villages and extensive paddy fields will make for some wonderful shots and don’t forget to visit the Bridge on the River Kwai – one of Kanchanaburi’s world-famous sites.



If you’re looking for an Asian adventure, Rajasthan in India is the place to be. Its landscape might be barren and harsh put the grand palaces and energetic festivals are wonderfully vibrant providing an interesting contrast. It’s one of the Lonely Planet’s recommendeddestinations for photographers and is the ideal place to practise your zooming and focusing skills thanks to the hazy mornings and dusky twilight hours. The camels are sure to be a talking point and the beautiful architecture is not to be missed.


Hong Kong

If deserts and sparse landscapes aren’t your thing, head to Hong Kong for a skyline like no other. The skyscrapers, bright lights and constant bustle are sure to get your heart pumping and the variety of colours will look great on film. The skies are particularly clear between October and March and the Victoria Harbour is bound to take your breath away. Get chatting to the locals and you might even be able to include some new friends in your photography work.



Zimbabwe is in the news a lot, but not always for the best reasons. The politics may cause plenty of controversy, but the country itself is a beautiful place to visit. Victoria Falls are a sight to behold and you can even enjoy a horseback safari through Hwange National Park. Hiking in the Chimanimani Mountains will provide a wealth of photo opportunities or you could try a spot of fishing along the Zambezi River. There are currently no travel restrictions to this beautiful part of the world, so take advantage while you can.
If any of these places take your fancy, pack your camera, grab your credit card and enjoy a trip to remember.


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