Discover The Old Time Charm of Lagos on the Algarve

Home to some half a million inhabitants, the Algarve in Portugal is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The glorious weather and delicious food make it an irresistible haunt for the millions people who flock to the region every summer.

Located in this bustling area is Lagos, a coastal town with wonderful buildings and a fascinating history. However, despite the obvious attraction of the popular tourist destination, the population of the area swells so drastically during the summer months that it can make it difficult to get around and even harder to do everything you wanted to do.

Moreover, during the high season, prices sky rocket in the historic town. However, there is a way that you can beat the crowds and take a sightseeing holiday of a lifetime: all you have to do is take your trip a bit earlier, during Easter.

There is plenty to see and do in the beautiful area of Lagos, and while it may not be the most popular time to go, Easter can actually get you closer to the area’s main tourist attractions, while also allowing you to enjoy the stunning weather associated with the region.

In fact, even in winter, the temperature in the area can reach up to 25 degrees Celsius, and only in very rare circumstances does it drop below zero. During spring, you’ll have back to back days of non-stop sunshine without having to compromise your plans to accommodate the crowds.

The history of the town goes back over 2,000, with many ancient paintings depicting the area’s importance as a Mediterranean port. During these two millennia the region has seen a lot of coming and going, and is home to a varied and engrossing array of architectural styles, featuring constructions as diverse as the prehistoric Menhir of Cabeco do Rochedo and the 18th Century Church of Santo Antonio.

As well as the rustic charms of the stunning architecture in Lagos, the beautiful Portuguese region is also home to a long coast of picturesque beaches that can be enjoyed all year round. This stretch of coastline includes Meia Praia: an extremely popular, soft sand beach that is the location of one of the largest open bays in Europe. As well as this busy area, hidden away between to small cliffs is the low key Praia da Batata, or the Potato Beach in English

Also along the coast are several other areas of natural beauty, including Mercy Point, the Golden Coast Grottos and the Lagoon of Alvor, all of which you can enjoy away from the crowds if you visit the region during Easter.

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