Exciting Escapes for 2013

Here are a selection of destinations for adventurous travellers looking for excitement.




Morocco in 2013 is going to be a lively place to visit. Dubbed “The country that travels within you”, Morocco offers a great mix of culture and modernity, providing some amazing accommodation options that mix these two perfectly. Riads in particular, offer an appealing luxury option for anyone hoping to enjoy traditional Morocco sophistication. You can try the newly opened Taj Palace Marrakech or be among the first to flock to the Banyan Tree being opened this year. From here, you can experience the thrill of the famous Djena El Fna square in the heart of Marrakech with its thrilling performances. Alternatively, you can head to one of Morocco’s many dreamy cities along the coast. Most notable among these include Tangiers, Essaouira, and the famous Casablanca. With international surfing conventions in January, desert runs, and charity mountain climbing in the Alps, 2013 promises to be an exciting year to visit Morocca



Tourism in Egypt has taken an all time dip because of the political situation. However, as the dust settles on the power struggle that rocked the land of the Pharaohs, it seems that 2013 is the year to reclaim their seat among the ranks of tourism royalty in Africa. It also makes it a fantastic time for a holiday in Egypt as you can get great deals and it is isn’t overrun with tourists. Discover the land of the ancients that until recently drew millions each year to its sunny kingdom.

The question that most people will be asking about Egypt in 2013 is, “Is it really safe?”. The answer is a resounding yes! In fact, this is the best time to go and visit. The country is desperate for tourists, ensuring that you will get great discounts while experiencing world class hospitality and enchanting Arabic hospitality.



The best thing about India is the sheer number of things to see and do within the country. With a total of 28 states and 7 union territories, home to a population of over 1.2 billion, the country is teeming with life and energy. Whether you are looking for a luxury holiday in one of the Maharaja’s palaces, a serene retreat on a boathouse, a spiritual journey visiting holy places, or are simply out for the sun and sand, India has it all. There are fun activities for both you and your children, if you have any, to do while taking in the culture of the local life. Whether you are backpacking in crowded Delhi, enjoying the scenery in Kashmir Valley, or sunbathing along the beach in Goa, India will leave a lasting impression. Enjoy exotic food, lively festivals, deeply moving spiritual experiences, as well as stunning scenery in this 3.2 billion square mile country. Hop on board cheap internal flights with Cathay Pacific or one of the other local airlines and you’ll be able to see plenty of this beautiful land even in a short stay.



The government of Russia is set to make 2013 the turnaround year for tourism. Having experienced dwindling numbers over the past few years, the government is out on ambitious project to raise those numbers. Take advantage of the low prices and great hospitality this year as you discover the modern face of the former Soviet empire. 

Russia’s rich cultural history has always drawn crowds to Moscow and St. Petersburg, powerhouse culture cities. It is home to sites such as the Hermitage, the Bolshoi theater, the Red Square among many others. Their streets are paved with rich history, and their imposing buildings and cathedrals fascinate historians, architects, and those drawn to beauty. There are many other well preserved cities in the country that give the authentic Russian experience. However, a holiday in Russia is about so much more than just big buildings and rich history; its mountains make beautiful ski resorts and fascinating lake scenery. The Bailak Lake, for example, is the world’s deepest and oldest lake, drawing many visitors here.


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