European Ski Resorts for Beginners

It definitely happens to everyone who starts skiing: one bad fall makes you paranoid about your speed, shape and safety overall. Your movements become constrained and your fear of falling becomes overwhelming. As a result, your learning progress becomes very slow.

In order to avoid fears like that it is reasonable to start your skiing career (yes, it was not a typo: career) with easy and safe slopes. Read on to know more about the list of European ski resorts designed for beginners.

Les Arcs, French Alps

Les Arcs, Paradise for Beginners, is famous all over the world for perfect conditions for novices. This ski resort is a part of a huge Ski resort system called Paradiski that offers more than 425 km of slopes for riders.
Les Arcs has more than enough of easy low-sloped pistes. It is excellent for perceiving basics of skiing or snowboarding. Unlike most of other resorts, Les Arcs has a lot of “green” (novice) slopes, so you won’t get tired of monotony. Safety is of a very high priority there, local ski school also has a reputation of a progressive and reputable school
Picturesque views of the French Alps are combined with unique modernist architecture. This place belongs to the list of the "heritage of the 20th century".

Cortina, Dolomites, Italy

This luxurious ski resort is very good for beginner and intermediate riders. Offering plenty of green and blue slopes this place is worth visiting if you are skiing for the first time. You will gain an unforgettable experience there.
Also Cortina is a very good place “to be seen”. Some travellers even do not ski there, just walk the whole day long, drink coffee and meet new people. It offers a rich night life and day entertainments.

Bansko, Pirin Mountains, Bulgaria

Comfortable modern ski lifts, safe slopes and splendid landscapes won’t leave you indifferent. Many pistes are very flat and easy for first-time ride. The local authorities really care about novice and intermediate level slopes, that’s why a number of visitors on the resort is raising every year.
We must also admit that you will be really surprised by low price level. Combine it with a very good quality of service (a lot of experts say that Bansko could easily compete French or Austrian high-end resorts) and you will get a perfect formula for a winter holiday.

Lech, Vorarlberg region, Austria

If we had to choose the safest among Austria’s ski resorts, Lech would won the first place. 39% of its slopes are good for beginners and 49% - for intermediate skiers and snowboarders. Professionals also find a lot of challenges there thanks to fantastic off-piste and lack pistes.
The popularity of Lech is growing each year and it is a home of a lot of Olympic champions.

Chill Factore, Manchester, UK

The safest and the best for beginners is… the indoor ski slope. You can find one in Manchester. Chill Factor is the longest indoor ski slope in the UK. Its length is 180m that is rather a lot for a roofed piste.
Spending a few hours in the ski hall will help you to learn ski or snowboard basics and feel more confident on a true mountain. Still we wouldn’t suggest you to plunge headlong into dangerous and high-speed skiing.

Protect yourself with a helmet, additional equipment and proper winter sports travel insurance. Raise your level smoothly and hopefully you will feel the moment when you are ready for more complicated slopes. .


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