Choose Phuket for Your Next Holiday

Sometimes it’s difficult choosing where to vacation. It’s hard to think of the perfect place for a romantic getaway, a family holiday, or a girl’s week away. There are loads of factors to consider when you’re making this decision, and loads of reasons why you should, and why you shouldn’t visit a particular city. But Phuket? Draw up the pros and cons and you’ll only get pros – it’s the perfect holiday destination for any occasion, and here are six reasons why.

Have you seen those beaches?

They’re gorgeous. You know those tropical beaches you see in all the travel guides? Well head to Phuket (the outskirts) and you’ll find that. Pristine blue water, white sand… It’s just like a dream. Phang Nga Bay is a popular tourist destination, with limestone cliffs jutting from emerald water. And hey, you might like to paddle out to James Bond Island! Take advantage of the stunning scenery.

Shop, shop, shopping!

It’s so cheap you might go a little bit overboard. You can buy all the presents you want for your mum, dad, brothers, sisters, girlfriends. They’ll love the cute trinkets and jewellery and all the fashionable and affordable clothing – plus, the quality of Thai products is second to none.

Thai food and culture

Head to Old Phuket Town to see a unique mesh of colonial and Chinese architecture. Head to Wat Chalong and other temples and monuments to Buddha to really soak up the rich culture. Indulge in Thai food straight from the source – not just at your local Thai joint. If you think the curry or Pad Thai from your local Thai restaurant is good, just wait until you try authentic cuisine from the country itself.

On a budget…

Flights to Thailand are actually really cheap – in fact, they’re mind-bogglingly cheap. You have no penny-pinching excuses not to head on to Phuket, then buy yourself like eight strawberry daiquiris as you spend a week (or two) poolside with your friends, basking in the Thai sun.


There is nothing else to say but this…ride one! They’re huge majestic creatures, and you can just jump on and lumber along with him. Don’t go if you’re afraid of heights though, as that would be a bit too scary; however, if you can conquer your fears then it will be an experience you’ll never forget.

A nightlife to be envied

You love to boogie? Head down Bangla Road in Patong to have some real fun and check out all the exotic girls, crazily dressed clubbers, and extroverts. It’s entirely different to the clubbing experience back home and may just expose you to some things you’ve never even thought about before – it might even kickstart a shift in perspective. Check out the cabaret if you get a chance, for flamboyance in a neat package.
So hop on a plane and fly off to Phuket! There’s no time like the present to debrief and let the holiday tides wash over you. It’s refreshing and gorgeous to head to somewhere so unlike your hometown and really embrace a new and different culture.

Josephine Zhang is a student, taking time off to holiday in Phuket. She purchased holiday insurance and is feeling on top of the world.

Please Note:

You should always read the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) of all travel insurance providers to check and to be sure if the cover is right for you. Please check the travel insurance providers PDS to see that the sports and adventure activity you wish to partake in during your travels is also automatically covered or not.


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