Caribbean Cruising In Style

Ships At Sea - The Latest Luxurious Cruise Ships

The latest range of Cruise Ships to grace the seas are nothing short of spectacular. And best of all - they are financially accessible! If you have ever thought that a cruise holiday might be a little restrictive - think again. If you travel on one of the larger ships, you'll have a different region of the boat to explore each day. In between deck life, first class facilities and entertainment, you'll also be stopping over in some of the best spots in the Caribbean, with easy access to fascinating places. So what's a Caribbean Cruise all about?

Many cruises leave from the UK - which is great if you are looking for a no-fly option, but others have the option to fly you out from UK and stay in a luxury villa or hotel prior to departure to start your cruise. It's a bit of a double holiday - a week to wind down before you head out to open water and the adventure of a cruise holiday! One of the biggest ships available is nearly 1200 feet long, with seven completely different areas on board to explore. It can take 5,400 travellers - so it's a bit like exploring a small town!

A cruise ship offers plenty of opportunity for anyone seeking a new lease of life. There are state of the art Day Spas and Salons, well equipped gyms and fitness classes of all descriptions. For a more relaxing time, try out the swimming pools and whirlpools. For the  energetic, head out to the surf simulators, fully sized sports courts and zip-lines rides. It's hard to take in just how much effort has gone into designing the recreational facilities. A few weeks on board will have you match fit in no time!

What's On Offer
A cruise ship has a full itinerary of places where the ship will dock, and holiday makers can take advantage of trips to places such as Cozumel on the Mexican coast, perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling, or Jamaica or Nassau for beautiful beaches and flora. Each time you dock, you'll be offered a range of trips - great if you like to be part of a guided group. Or, you can relax, get off the beaten path and do your own thing - just remember to get back before the designated departure, because the ship has to leave on time!

It's easy to forget that you are not on dry land when it comes to on-board entertainment. Ice rinks, shows, plays, films, live music, comedy - you name it, there is always something on offer. You can safely leave the younger members of your family with staff to enjoy dancing, art and sport activities in a supervised area, suited to their needs. Childcare is available and there is a new service for toddlers and babies - so the whole family can relax and enjoy a break from the usual routine.

There are lots of options when it comes to food and fine dining. Cafes, bars, seafood and spa-based dishes are all available. Smaller restaurants offer diners a quiet evening, relaxing over a bottle of good wine or you can dress up for a glamourous dinner dance. Each eatery has its own food style and atmosphere, from a pizza to the most extravagent dining experience - namely The Chefs Table - intimate dining for a limited number of guests!

For An Easy Life
Your accommodation choices are huge - so you might prefer to spend your budget on trying out new experiences, trips or shopping - but all rooms provide a comfortable base. Iif you decide to push the boat out and go for a balcony room or suite, the level of luxury is stunning! You can opt for home to port transfers, you don't have to worry about researching and planning your holiday, or finding somewhere to eat - everything is accessible and available in amazing surroundings. It's also surprisingly affordable, since - great for planning your budget. It's fun to explore an enormous ship but if an action packed week sounds a little too energetic, there are plenty of quiet corners where you can laze in comfort, enjoy the sunshine with a cool drink and take in the dramatic views. Perfect for a relaxing holiday!


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