Holidays to Rhodes

Visit Rhodes when it is celebrating major festivities and you are sure to be delighted with the list of activities this region of Greece has to offer. Of course, this would mean reserving hotels in Rhodes earlier than the rest of the tourists who will be visiting the place for a guaranteed room in the city.

The Medieval Rose Festival: June

This is a magnificent way of honoring the Knights of the Medieval Period because it is a time where participants walk the streets of the Old Town in medieval costumes, reconstructing the glorious past of the Medieval World. Your kids will be so excited to shake the hands of brave knights, see charming ladies, jesters, and wizards freely wandering the Old Streets. It is most definitely a successful way of reviving the Medieval Age and an excellent opportunity to remind the youth of the glorious past of Rhodes and the sacrifices laid by those brave men who have defended the fortress until their last breath.

The Hellenic Festival of Sound and Light: April until October

This is celebrated at the Old Fort, where the historical battle of the Rhodeans against the Turks 500 years ago is retold. As part of the festivity, open-air concerts, art exhibition, and theatrical performances are prepared. You will also have a chance to see fold dancing every Monday without having to pay anything. The event is given free and held at the Municipal Theater of Rhodes.

The Flower Parade: May

While other countries in the world are enjoying the beauty of their own flowers, Rhodes are also offering a treat to their tourists and guests by displaying a spectacular floral parade. Join the parade of people dressed in fancy costumes as they walk their way to the main street of Mandraki that has been decorated with hundreds of flowers. It is also the perfect time to enjoy local foods because of the numerous stalls that sell local dishes for everyone to appreciate.

Watermelon Festival: July

Even if you are not a lover of watermelons, the event that takes place in Apolakkia Dam exhibits the heaviest and largest watermelons. You may also wish to take your camera with you for images of watermelon sculptures that will amaze your friends upon your return. Of course, it is impossible for any fruit festival to commence without a taste of these sweet watermelons.

The Panagia Festival: August 15

This is declared a bank holiday for the country and is considered one of the most important religious holidays in Greece, the other two being Christmas and Easter. This is dedicated to the Virgin Mary so expect several church services and festivals scattered around the country.

It seems the entire year is filled with fantastic events to look forward in Rhodes. Choose a date that is most convenient for you and be sure to witness these festivities during your stay.

This article was written by Alex Itsios from Louis Hotels in Rhodes. Alex loves travelling and writing to travel and holiday blogs.


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