A Guide To Antigua's Best Historical Sites

One of the main attractions of a trip to Antigua is its beautiful beaches and azure waters. But if you're into history as much as I am, you'll also be tempted to head to the Caribbean island to explore its historical sites. Here are just a few you can visit:

Sugar Plantation At Betty's Hope
Antigua has a very rich and interesting history and there is lots to discover about its past. One thing you'll learn is that it has a very strong sugar industry and this is the result of Sir Christopher Codrington, who came to the island in 1684 in the hopes of creating the same level of sugar cultivation on the Caribbean island as there was elsewhere in the region. By heading to Betty's Hope, you'll see Codrington's original sugar plantation. After this was established, more than 150 windmills processing sugarcane could be found on the island. Although many of these can still be seen on a trip to Antigua, they have been transformed into other tourist features such as restaurants and bars. Head to Betty's Hope and you will see a sugar mill that has been fully restored, so you can learn more about this important industry for the island and its residents.

Discover The Islands Pottery History At Sea View Farm Village
One of my favourite things to do when on holiday is try to get under the skin of the culture of the country I am visiting - and one way you can combine this with learning about Antigua's history on a visit to the island is by heading to Sea View Farm Village. On a trip here you can discover something else Antigua is famous for producing - pottery. This handicraft flourished in the 18th century, as slaves used to make cooking equipment from clay. You can learn more about the history of Antigua's pottery-making past at Sea View Farm Village, where pots are still made using clay from nearby pits. If you really love what you see, you can buy a few items at the village to bring home - just think how pretty your house will be, decorated with local Antiguan pottery!

History Lessons At The Museum Of Antigua And Barbuda
Of course, the best places to learn about the nation you are visiting are museums, and Antigua's history museum is no different, offering visitors an insight into its past full of battles, the slave trade and different conquerors. The Museum of Antigua and Barbuda can be found in the colonial Court House, which dates back to 1750, itself being an important historical building on the island. Here, you will discover artefacts that have been unearthed during archaeological digs. It also houses a life-size replica of a traditional house of the Arawak people, an indigenous tribe found in Antigua and other areas of the Caribbean. If you want to discover more about them, a visit to the museum is a must, as you will see displays of items that once belonged to Arawaks.

Whether you're travelling alone or you're on a luxury all inclusive holiday in the Caribbean, you can't escape the historic buildings, artefacts and sights all over the island - so make the most of your trip and tear yourself away from the golden beaches for at least one day of your holiday.


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