Guide to Booking & Staying in a Holiday Villa

Choosing to stay in a holiday villa is becoming one of the most popular means of holiday accommodation. It combines a holiday in an attractive location together with luxury accommodation, a winning formula! If you are considering booking a holiday villa for your late 2012 or 2013 holiday, there are several tips worth taking into account.

Guest guide by Affair Travel. UK based ABTA / ATOL travel agent offering villas in France, Corsica, Croatia and Portugal. For more holiday tips, visit the Affair Travel weekly blog.

Cost – Luxury properties are not cheap and you will be required to leave a deposit at time of booking of anywhere from 20% to 25% of the overall cost. If you are using a commercial holiday company ensure that they have an ABTA / ATOL license so your money is safe. If booking by private means, try to negotiate down the required deposit.

Included Vs. Not Included – The level of modern cons between properties will vary so to avoid disappointment you should ask for an inventory list prior to booking. Check the list against what you consider essential and nice to have on holiday. If items are missing, negotiate their availability with the owner, bring your on or look for another property. The main message here is to check before booking.

Transportation – Self-catering holidays by definition means that you are your own boss, free to come and go at will and of course completely responsible for your own transportation. Arrange a suitable means to arrive at the holiday home and ask about the best way to explore the area. In some countries the public transport system will suffice, in other countries you should consider hiring a car. Ask the villa’s owners about the best methods of commuting in the area. In any case, bring your up to date UK driving license and credit card should you decide to rent a vehicle.

Food – One of the best features in a holiday home is your ability to prepare meals for your party. Such practice is a great way to save some of the hefty holiday costs that revolve around eating out and ensures that you can have your favorite meals. When overseas you should adhere to some food safety guidelines such as eating in established places and if possible ask for local reviews as well as buying sealed foods. When preparing foods, ensure that the work surface has been cleaned and that if needed, you have washed the ingredients.

Use Of Pool Area – In many parts of the world holiday villas will include an on-site private pool. While it is incredibly fun to swim in privacy, it means that safety for yourself and for your party is complete your responsibility. When anyone uses the pool ensure that someone else is aware of it (the ‘buddy system’) and always supervise first hand when small kids use the pool.

Enjoy your holiday!


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