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Worlds Most Popular Places To Move To

With all of the countries in the world, it can be a difficult decision for some to figure out where they would like to move to in their journey towards moving abroad and factors go into the decision to move abroad including weather, job opportunities, quality of life and cost of living just to name a few. 

However, there are a handful of countries that people seem to gravitate to over and over again. It could be because of similar cultural ties, or just more potential for opportunities. When listed, the five most popular places people move in the world are:
         The United States
         New Zealand

There are a few things that tie some of these countries together. Many of them have a quite large size advantage, countries like the US, Canada and Australia are full of wide open spaces, something that can certainly be appealing for those who are looking for a land that is varied with terrain. 

Another appealing factor for many of these countries could be the weather. Spain and the Southern US as well as parts of Australia would provide many opportunities for warm weather all year round, something that can be quite the change from a cold and wet United Kingdom. 

All of these countries can also provide a cultural change as well, especially if you are looking to work for yourself and grow a business, a place like the US has a very strong entrepreneurial feel to it, something that can benefit those who are looking for that situation.

Spain is a country that many look to for after retirement, not only does it have an excellent cultural feel, it also has beautiful weather the whole year round. It’s also quite close to the UK  making for an easy trip back to visit friends and family.


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