Family Fun in Disneyland Paris

Disneyland Paris


Since it first opened in 1992 Disneyland Paris has gone on to become the fourth most popular theme park in the world. It regularly attracts over 12 million visitors annually; it features five different experiences and 49 different attractions. In the words of Walt Disney the parks are designed to appeal to the “young and the young at heart.”   Disneyland Paris has a particular European feel compared to its American counterparts and its concept had to take account of the colder, wetter weather and traditional architecture. Europe is full of genuine castles and they had to redesign Sleeping Beauty’s Castle to take account of this

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Disneyland Paris is easily accessible from both mainland Europe and the UK via rail newtorks and the increasing number of scheduled British Airways flights from the UK and cheap flights to Paris from regional airports with low cost carriers such as easyjet and Ryanair.

Parklands of Disney


The five parks of Disneyland Paris are:
  • Main Street USA, represents a turn of the century, typical mid American town, based on Marceline, Missouri where Disney grew up. It is also the same place used in the film “Lady and the Tramp.” Main Street USA features City Hall, Liberty Arcade, Dapper Dan’s Haircuts, horse drawn carriages and the railway station and beyond the end of Main Street is Sleeping Beauty’s Castle.
  • Frontierland, the Wild West, land of log cabins and cowboys, saloons and gold mines. A common feature of all Frontierlands is the Big Thunder Mountain ride and the riverboat; they also have Pocahontas Indian Village, the railway depot and the shooting gallery.  
  • Adventureland, provides the excitement of the jungle, exotic landscape and tribal art and is where you will find Aladdin’s Passage, the Swiss Family Robinson’s tree house, along with a pirate beach and Temple of Peril.  
  • Fantasyland is populated with enchanted tales of dragons and princess’s, flying and falling down rabbit holes. In Fantasyland you can fly like Dumbo, explore Alice’s Labyrinth or ride on Lancelot’s Carousel. This is also the site of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle and the mysterious Snow White Casino ride.
  • Discoveryland, inspired by the visions of Jules Verne has a futuristic theme and his own special submarine, the Nautilus. Discoveryland also includes the Orbitron, Autopia and thrilling Space Mountain ride.



Another fun characteristic are the daily parades and seasonal events. Along with the regular jolly parade of Disney characters are the special days such as Halloween, Bonfire Night and the Mickey’s Magical Celebration. During the summer there is the Enchanted Firework displays and the Fantillusion nighttime parades with floats and performances.

Fun for All


Disneyland Paris provides fun and excitement for all ages, whether its young ones who always love the cartoon characters, flying carpets or a ride on the railroad to families with older kids who enjoy the pirate boat, the stunt cars and the Indiana Jones Temple. At Disneyland, just outside Paris, there is something for kids of all ages.


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