Volunteering Overseas

Most Fun Places to Go

Volunteering abroad is a fantastic way of travelling. You can combine your passion for seeing new things, meeting new people and experiencing new cultures with doing some real good in the world. Most guides for wannabe overseas volunteers will talk about visas, arranging accommodation and where volunteers are most in demand, but here we take a different approach: where are the best and most fun places in the world to be an overseas volunteer? Doing important work in developing countries is a great thing to do, but you need to have fun too, otherwise the experience won’t be as good as you’d hoped. Hopefully we can give you some ideas for organising your placement volunteering abroad!

Volunteer in Nepal
Nepal is a fantastic place to work, live and travel and, of course, to be a volunteer! The amazing atmosphere of the country, both spiritually and socially make this a wonderful place to spend time. And the sheer volume of schemes available for a volunteer in Nepal and the high number of volunteers don’t do any harm either! Most people work in either teaching or healthcare but, whilst it might be a lot of hard work, Nepal makes up for it by being a stunningly beautiful Mecca of culture, history and happiness.

Volunteer in Peru
Peru is also a very popular option for volunteers abroad. It is in a beautiful part of the world, has a fantastic climate and there are a lot of rewarding volunteer projects to get involved in. The thing that sets Peru apart probably comes in two strands. The environment (Peru really is a magnificently beautiful country) and the people (Peruvians love a good party)! As a volunteer in Peru you can benefit from all of this and have a very rewarding, interesting experience on your volunteer placement, meeting likeminded people and doing some good in the world. Being a volunteer in Peru sound’s good like that, doesn’t it?

Volunteer In Brazil
Rio Carnival, beaches and cocktails, need I say more? Yes, Brazil really is the place volunteers go who are up for a party, but there’s still a lot of important work to be done too. The Amazon Rainforest is disappearing more and more as each day passes, with dire consequences for the entire planet, not just Brazil. If you are interested in doing some hands on ecological work and helping on sustainable development projects, you won’t find anywhere more important and exciting as Brazil. Then, when you’re finished with a hard day’s work, hit the beach with a glass of rum!

Volunteer in Australia
Australia is a highly developed country with one of the highest quality of life scores in the world. The climate, the people and the infrastructure all mix to create a country some people fall in love with during their volunteer placements abroad. There is no language barrier so you can get straight into it and the country attracts some of the highest numbers of young volunteers in the world, so you’re pretty much guaranteed a fun experience. Most volunteer schemes in Australia involve the beach, naturally, so we’re talking about surf programmes, teaching sports to kids, helping marine life, etc., all a great deal of fun.

Volunteer in Thailand
Finally we come to Thailand. If you’re hankering for a full moon party, the chance to meet thousands of carefree young travellers and also the opportunity to volunteer abroad, this is where you should head without a doubt. Thailand attracts phenomenal numbers of travellers, gap year students and volunteers alike, so the chance to meet people and explore the country together is there. Volunteer programmes in Thailand generally involve teaching English to children or working in orphanages and health centres. It can be very tough, hard work, but the rewards are well and truly there and Thailand is a great place to blow off some steam after a long day volunteering.


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