The Perfect Getaway in Marvelous Malta

Malta is a beautiful island paradise, perfect for relaxing getaways in the sunshine. Here are some ideas of what to do while you are on holiday.

Marvelous Malta

Malta is an island country located in the warm blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea, just south of the Italian island of Sicily. Although this nation is small, (only 316 sq km) it has a long and fascinating history that dates back to the Neolithic Era and has some of the oldest standing buildings in the world. Malta is a very unique blend of cultural influences from all around the Mediterranean, from North African and Arabic intonations in the local language to Italian-style cuisine. It is a popular destination for beach holidays, and with its warm climate and beautiful nature it is easy to see why. While you are staying on this paradise island, here are some ideas of what to do:

Swim with Dolphins

Frolicking in the water with these majestic creatures is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You can swim with dolphins at the Mediterranneo Marine Park in Malta. Guests receive instruction from a professional dolphin trainer, and then put on a wetsuit and dive in. There is even an onsite photographer who will capture this special moment for you.

Take a Ride on a Dghajsa

A Dghajsa is pronounced “die-sa” and is actually a water taxi similar to the gondolas in Venice, Italy. You can hire one of these elegant boats from the waterfront for a 45 minute trip which will take you on a scenic tour of the city past the three main forts, Fort St. Angelo, Fort Ricasoli, and Fort St.Elmo. These forts were constructed by the Knights of Malta and are very important historical sites of Malta.

Swim in the Blue Lagoon

Located in Comino, this beautiful shimmer turquoise lagoon is famous for being a filming location for the blockbuster film “Troy”. Many people come to swim in its clear waters and lounge in the sunshine on the small sandy beaches here. Try to visit early in the morning or outside of the peak season, because this popular location can get very crowded.

Explore the Ggantija Temples

Located on the island of Gozo, these amazing Neolithic temples are the oldest standing buildings in the entire world. They were constructed over 5,500 years ago, and archeologists believe that the temple was an important site for an ancient Fertility cult. According to local Gozitan legend, the temple was built by a giantess who used it as a place of worship. These are some of the fun activities and attractions that you can explore in Malta.

Where to Stay

Wondering where to stay? In a fantastic location near many of the most popular Malta cities, the Radisson Blu Resort St Julians is a luxurious retreat on this beautiful Mediterranean island. It has a private beach and includes activities such as jet ski rental and horseback riding.

Enjoy your holiday in the beautiful island paradise of Malta!


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