How To Find Unspoilt Resorts In Greece

Although a trip to your local bookshop will allow you access to several different tourist guides, how does a book titled “The Top 10 Undiscovered Places In Greece” work, when you see it in the No 1 sellers list under travel or non-fiction? It's not going to remain undiscovered for long! Lets take a discreet look at some of the best unspoiled destinations across Greece and hope they stay that way!

Ikaria is one of the more eclectic destinations throughout the whole of Greece and, while it will not be overrun by tourists, you can be certain that you will get an authentic holiday experience from travelling to this wonderful island. The towns of Nas and Raches are both what you would call untypical holiday destinations, but remain lively and exciting all the same. Add to that some excellent opportunities for exploration by bicycle or on foot, and the ancient ruins and temples there are to discover on this Aegean island, and you are onto a winner.

Myrtos, Crete
Although Crete is the most popular Greek Island for tourists, not every town and village has been overtaken by package holiday operators and resort developers. The small town of Myrtos is one such example, which offers many great activities as well as good value accommodation, while not being completely overrun.
With car hire on the island reasonably cheap, staying in Myrtos can provide an excellent base from which to discover the rest of the island while staying somewhere a little further from the beaten track.

This island is the furthest south in the entire Mediterranean, and for tourists looking to do nothing but relax for the duration of their holiday, it could not be more perfect. There are numerous campsites here if you want to try something away from the usual accommodation choices. The island is home to a popular nudist beach, however, so you may want to ensure you do not pitch up too close to it, lest you be seeking an eyeful of bare skin first thing in the morning!

Holidays that take in somewhere away from the norm are always popular, however what many fail to realise is that there are often undiscovered gems waiting to be discovered in even massively popular resorts. Wherever you holiday this summer, take the time to explore and discover some magical locations for yourself.

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