A Guide To All-inclusive Resorts In Cyprus

The beauty of booking a cheap all inclusive holiday in Europe is that you know you are really going to be pampered. Free from thinking about what to make for dinner or how much your drinks will cost, you can simply relax and enjoy your destination, such as beautiful Cyprus. I think the island is ideal for an overseas getaway as it has more than its fair share of golden beaches, scenic countryside and historical ruins, along with some of Europe's most lively resorts. You're sure to want to get out and explore it all and you know that when you get back, you can indulge in delicious food at your hotel.

Going on an all-inclusive break is what I do when I really want to treat myself and get away from it all - and I always feel refreshed when I get back home. Plus, you don't even have to spend a fortune doing it.Here are two hotels in Cyprus that have caught my eye for being all inclusive and affordable.

Venus Beach Hotel
This resort has been designed with relaxation and comfort in mind and because it has something of an exclusive atmosphere, it looks like you could really feel spoilt while you're here. Boasting five-star luxury, the hotel promises guests all the warm Cypriot hospitality you could wish for.

Of course, you don't want to spend all of your holiday in the hotel boundaries, but luckily this resort is situated only 2.5 km from Paphos city centre. When I went to Paphos a few years ago, the place I most wanted to see was the Asclepius. This is less a historic site and more a collection of them. The Odeon has been carved from pure limestone and is still in use today, all these centuries later. People fill the 12 rows of seats to watch the musical performances and plays that continue to be staged. Nearby is the Temple of Asclepius, which dates back to Roman times, and the remains of the old town walls.

Another site I visited was the Adonis Baths. This natural beauty spot is like something out of Paradise so it's no surprise why it has such a legendary status.

The local myth is that Aphrodite bathed here with Adonis and went on to give birth to some of his children in the warm waters. It is even believed that if men take a dip in the pool they will get stronger, while women become younger and more attractive.

Constantinos The Great Beach Hotel
This Protaras resort is another exclusive hotel where you will feel pampered and well looked after. If you're keen to spend every day of your trip lazing on the beach, this is the place for you as it is located on the Protaras Beach. This resort offers everything you could dream of on holiday - endless sunshine, a deep blue sea that stretches uninterrupted to the horizon and soft golden sand that feels hot beneath your feet.

Protaras itself also has plenty to offer, most notably the many beautiful beaches it is home to like Fig Tree Bay - named after the solitary fruit tree that grows here. Along the coastline there is plenty to see and do, from exploring the caves that scar the cliffs to having a go at surfing.

These are two places that really appeal to me - but where would you recommend?


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