Great Ice Cream Parlours In Europe and Beyond

Ice Cream Travel Challenge

Thinking of taking off on a holiday tour? Grab a couple of airline tickets and set a fun family challenge -  who can locate the best Ice Cream Dessert Parlours as you travel! Ice cream is a serious business for adults and children alike. The new flavours now available, range far beyond childhood memories of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry! Liquorice Granita, Mojito Ice Lollies, and double Chocolate Baileys are just a few of the flavour-packed ices you can now sample. Here are a few of the top rated places to try out an ice cream in Europe and beyond!

Giuseppe Ricci in Madrid Spain
A local favourite and the snaking queues into this establishment are proof enough that this is the best place for ice cream. This dessert parlour has seasonal flavours such as mojito and melon as well as richer ones such as the chocolate and mint fondant. It is also one of the few places in the Spanish capital where you can enjoy soy and vegan ice cream whatever the weather!

Perché No! in Florence Italy 
Perché No! translates as “why not?” and is a fabulous ice cream parlour in Florence. It opened in 1939, it's one of the favourite local places to enjoy a dessert. Everything is freshly made on the premises using fresh ingredients for a genuine home-made taste. And the selection of flavours are rather special with local favourites including sesame and honey, ginger, green tea, tiramisu and Sicilian cassata (made with ricotta and candied fruit). Or for the extra hot days, try their fruit sorbets and granitas. Instant refreshment after a long hot day on the tourist trail!

Devon House in Kingston Jamaica 
Built in the 19th century, the Devon House Heritage Site in Jamaica is a national monument and a huge attraction on the island. It’s also home to the island’s most celebrated ice cream stand ‘I Scream’. It has over 25 flavours ranging from Bordeaux cherry and pistachio to Caribbean staples like mango and pineapple, and there’s even a rather intense one which is based on beer called ‘Devon Stout’. A visit to Jamaica is rather a long way to sample an ice cream, since the flight takes about 9 hours - but there are plenty of reasons to visit. The lush jungle, the incredible beaches, water sports, golf, and great food make it the perfect place to chill out and soak up the sun.

Fenocchio's in Nice France 
This family-owned business, based in the old town of Nice. It's right by the sea so it's a perfect spot for an ice cream challenge. There are more flavours here than you can try in a month with many uniquely French specialities reflecting local regional cuisine. If you want to stray into unknown territory, try out the lavender, black olive, orange blossom, tomato-basil flavours and revel in the tastes of the Mediterranean! Fenocchio’s is also famous for its sorbets and amazing ice cream cakes. A true dessert experience to be savoured!

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