French Holiday Villas

Things To Consider When Searching For French Holiday Villas

If you're looking to go on a relaxing, fun-filled family holiday - France is one destination you'll definitely want to think about visiting. The country's long been popular with us Brits, but if you want to have a really enjoyable stay,  it's worth booking a stay in a villa. Luckily, this kind of accommodation is located all over France. If you book a family holiday in a French villa without having first checked out what the local area has to offer, you run the risk of ending up somewhere that isn't right for you. So, how do you make certain that the villa you book is right for you? Much like the TV show of the same name, it's all about location, location, location. After all, if you pick somewhere that doesn't cater to you or your family's interests, whatever they might be, boredom may soon start to set in.

If you and your kids are into nature, you're bound to love a holiday in Nice. This wonderful city is home to the Jardin Botanique - a natural paradise that is home to some 3,000 species of plants - and Phoenix Park, where you can look at exotic creatures like parrots and peacocks.

Book villas in Provence, meanwhile, and you'll discover a number of horse riding schools and well-maintained cycling trails that run for hundreds of kilometres. Head to Cuges les Pins and you'll find the exciting Ok Corral water park, which contains wave pools, slides and other fantastic rides, this is sure to be the perfect place for kids to have a fun afternoon out.

Of course, you should also need to do your homework when picking the type of property you stay in. Two pretty obvious things that should be at the top of your list are how many bedrooms and bathrooms the villa has. It should go without saying, but you'll need somewhere that offers plenty of space for everyone in your party. If you'd rather not queue to use the bathroom in the morning (something you're probably fed up of doing at home), you should look for a villa that has more than one WC or an en-suite.

Pool Life

Booking a holiday in France, especially in the summer months, should mean the weather's pretty good, make the most of the sunshine and look for a villa with a pool. These are a pretty popular feature and you can even get a heated pool to make swimming an even more enjoyable experience. Be prepared to pay a bit extra for this privilege though!

If you're keen to enjoy a bit of alfresco dining during your holiday, meanwhile, look for properties that have patios and barbecue facilities. Other facilities you may want to look for include playrooms (these are perfect for toddlers and babies) and satellite television, with the latter good to have in case there's an unexpected downpour and you're forced to go inside. These are just some of the things worth bearing in mind when looking for French villas. 


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