Family Days Out in Wales

There is so much to see in Wales that you need to give yourself as much time to take in as many of the sights as possible during your trip. You'll need to plan your family holiday carefully in order to see all you can, so here are just five suggestions for great days out.

Anglesey Sea Zoo
The zoo was started in 1995 when a stranded dolphin appeared on the island's coast. It was happily rescued and housed and the theme in the zoo has been one of conservation ever since. There are planned and approved captive-breeding programmes and this is one of the few places in the world where short-snouted seahorses have been successfully bred and sustained. Elsewhere you can see impressive conger eels, a shark pool and the Lobster Hatchery of Wales can be found here. Don't forget to visit the puffins while you're on the island.

Caernarfon Castle
There has been a castle here in Caernarfon since the late 13th century but that original motte and bailey construction is dwarfed by the vast structure that lies here today. This is one of the best preserved castles in the whole of the United Kingdom and is rightly listed as a World Heritage Site. The castle has been at the heart of much of the country's history and played a key part in the English Civil War. It was repaired at the beginning of the 20th century and its exhibits today are testament to its rich history.
Image credit - Verity Cridland

Greenwood Forest Park
Located in the foothills of picturesque Snowdonia, Greenwood Forest Park offers a fun day out for all the family, including children of all ages. This is an adventure park with rides and attractions that can accommodate toddlers through to young adolescents. For the younger children, there is the Giant Jumper – an amazing bouncing pillow - and the Crocodile Maze among many others. For those just a little bit older, there is the excitement of the Moon Karts, Mini Tractors and Archery, while everyone can enjoy the barefoot trail which takes you back through history.

Choosing a town or village to base yourself in could be the trickiest decision you have to make when staying in Wales but Llandudno, on Wales' north coast, is perfect for many reasons. This is one of the best seaside locations in the country, with a charming bay and a superb beach and there are plenty of hotels in North Wales within easy reach of the town. During your stay in Llandudno you can see the fine Victorian Pier, which is arguably the best in Wales, or you can visit the incredible recently discovered Bronze Age copper mines. Alternatively, if you just want a relaxing break away from the pressures of it all, the beach and bay provide a perfect backdrop.

Tree Top Adventures
For older children who have energy to burn, Tree Top Adventure in Snowdonia is a perfect location. The ropes course is a high-level obstacle course which winds through the forest at tree-top level and is one of the most thrilling activities in the country. Safety is paramount, with helmets and harnesses provided and while this is more suitable for older children (above 4ft 3 inches in height), it is great fun for adults too.

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