Consider These Destinations For Your Next Trip

Holiday season is fast approaching and it's time to start planning your next trip. If you're traveling abroad but are at a loss for where to go, these 4 exotic destinations are perennial list toppers for the well-traveled and daydreamers alike.


Switching things up a bit, if you're planning a trip during the summer and live in a region where the temperature often tops the century mark, consider a cooler destination for a change.

For travelers willing to weather temperatures that reach just above the freezing point in the summer months, Greenland offers a wide range of opportunities to have fun. One of the most famous attractions is the scientific marvel, the Northern Lights. Also worth considering is a by-land or by-sea tour of the wildlife, from the majestic whales of Greenland's coast to the muskoxen that date back to the last ice age. Visitors can even explore the ocean life and discover species of fish and plant life native to the region, as well as ship wrecks. And of course there are a long list of cold-weather activities to choose from such as dog sledding, skiing and snowmobiling.

One thing visitors should be sure to experience is Greenlandic cuisine. A nation sustained by a meat diet, the options include, whale, seal, reindeer and muskoxen meat. The menu varieties are unique to the region and denote the cultural traditions of hunting and community.

New Zealand

With "Adventure Capital of the World" as its motto, New Zealand is a must for every traveler. It's comprised of the North, South and Stewart islands, along with a healthy scattering of smaller islands in between. Travel between the islands is available via train, ferry or bus, and visitors are guaranteed some of the most beautiful scenery in the world with sights like the idyllic coastline, a lush forest, mountains and volcanoes.

The list of activities for adventure seekers include base jumping from the highest point in the Southern Hemisphere, hiking, swimming with dolphins, or body-board rafting, also known as river boarding. Visitors won't have a second to spare.


The most famous destination in Peru is Machu Picchu, the Lost City, and deservedly so. A trek through the vast ruins of the Incan Empire will provide visitors with an experience they'll surely never forget. The 4-day journey takes travelers 700 years into the past.

For traveler's looking to learn more about the lives of the aboriginal Uros tribe of Peru, a tour through the floating reed islands of Lake Titicaca offers a glimpse into the lives of a people that predate the Incas. Also recommended is a plane tour of the Nazca Lines, ancient geoglyphs in the Nazca dessert whose origins remain unknown. And if you're looking to lounge on a beautiful beach, Mancora offers a postcard-perfect backdrop.

Ibiza, Spain

The last recommendation is for those looking for a break from the stresses of life and a chance to party. The island of Ibiza transforms into a party island during the summer months with the top DJs in the world playing weekly at some of the most famous nightclubs in the world. If you're looking to spend your time partying and lounging on the beach or a yacht, Ibiza is the place to go.

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