Seven Wonders of Dubai

Ever heard of an artificial island? Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Well, the World Islands of Dubai are a set of manmade islands that exist nowhere else. What’s more, when viewed from above they look like a map of the world floating on the southern Arabian Gulf. It’s a great place to relax as well as explore, so if you intend to go Dubai, then there are seven must see places you shouldn’t miss.

White beauty

Shadows and white stone form a place of patterns in darkness and light at sunset time in the Jumeirah Mosque. It’s pure whiteness and beautiful architecture of the Fatimad tradition brings out the beauty of Islamic art.

Into the desert

The desert safari is a mix of sand dunes, belly dancers and delicious dinner which you will partake in a desert camp at the outskirts. You get to ride a camel too and enjoy the roller coaster vehicle drive as well as have a glimpse of the traditional desert way of living in a Bedouin village. The day ends with a romantic dinner or the hookah and Hubbly Bubbly.

Ancient city

Bastakiya  provides us a glimpse of the charms of old Dubai with its wind towers and distinctive architecture. For those who love a dash of the old, Al Fahidi Fort provides a scenic view with its traditionally made houses. With a museum, art gallery and an active market, it is a centre for culture.

The tallest minaret

The Grand Mosque features the city’s largest minaret and is bathed in a mixture of lime green, orange and red hued lights with a black backdrop of the sky at night. The minaret is 231 ft tall. The interior is decorated with rich calligraphy and has beautiful domes.

The dragon’s lair

Imagine a 1.2 km long structure in the shape of a dragon that is both a shopper’s paradise and a foodie’s delight with some of the best restaurants. Dragon Mart has been extremely popular since its opening in 2004. You can find a large variety of products from garments, foods, household products and even arts and crafts along with ornamental, sports and lifestyle products. It is worth seeing merely for its awe inspiring architecture as the blend and pattern of the dragon’s scales has been most artistically done.

Water for dhows

Dubai Creek abounds not only in scenic beauty but also in glimpses of historical trading links. If you dhow cruise to Al-Maktoum Bridge, you’ll find a blend of historic as well as modern landmarks meeting your eye along with the trading heritage. You can take mini boat trips to the mouth of the Creek which cuts through the centre of the city.

Bird’s eye view

Instead of taking a tour of the city by bus, you can soar high up in the sky. Take a helicopter or plane tour which throws up breathtaking images of places like Burj Tennis court which looks like a giant geen clock face or the Palm Island, golf club and Burj al Arab.


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