Travel Insurance Advice For Dummies insurance.The old favourite of large travel companies who simply love to force it upon us, sometimes scaring us into thinking that if we don't make that all important purchase we are simply going to be doomed from the 'get go'. The fact of the matter is that purchasing travel insurance for your trip isn't such a bad idea, but clearly what you buy and how much you are covered for is solely down to you.
So what do you buy?

Travel companies and insurance brokers will tell you that you need to expect the unexpected and these days you can get insurance to cover just about any eventuality. Do you really need to be covered for late flight delays? Yes! If you were relying on a connection of flights to get you to your far flung destination and one missed connection is likely to cause complete chaos for the rest of your travel itinerary, then you may want to seriously think about it. 

In essence, think about where you are going, what you are going to do when you get there and purchase enough to cover those eventualities. Basic coverage should include medical treatment when away as this can be expensive, lost or stolen goods, e.g. passports, money, credit cards, luggage etcetera and finally possible cancellation in case of illness or death in the family. Anything else should be on an 'as required' basis 

Check you're not already covered
Before you shell out your hard earned cash on travel insurance it might pay you to check to see if you are already covered. This is not as daft as it sounds. If you happen to be in the position whereby you are a premium customer with a bank or credit card company, then you may already have travel insurance, so check the small print.

Find the best deals
Travel insurance prices can vary enormously, depending on what you are covered for and where you purchase it from. In fact you can sometimes pay up to five or six times the price. So it really does pay to shop around. By checking price comparison sites and not settling for the first deal you come across, you stand a good chance of making some great savings.  

Tthere you have it, some great travel insurance tips that you may want to take on board. So now you can go and enjoy your trip and feel safe in the knowledge that you are at least protected for your needs. 


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