Disabled Access - Ideas For a Holiday

Gaining access to public building and hotels in the past has often been nigh on impossible, so its good to see that access is improving all the time. The 2010 Equality Act  (EA) provides guidance on what needs to be in place to ensure that everyone has proper access to all public buildings and this concept is now part and parcel of all building regulations – with older buildings are being adapted all the time with a variety of facilities and Disabled Access Lifts.  If you’ve got some time off and are looking for holiday ideas, here are a few to consider. 

Hotels In The UK And Abroad With Disabled Facitilies

How about looking at hotels that are specifically geared up to enable visitors to access every single bit of the hotel! Warner Holidays have resorts based throughout the UK and Europe and as far flung as Australia, Africa, and the Far East. Facilities will usually include lowered furniture, extra wide doorways, ramped access and roll in showers, together with spacious rooms and lifts to all floors. Many Spanish hotels have provided wooden walkways across the beaches for wheelchair users – a wheelchair on sand is a non starter! And if sandy beaches don’t appeal, pools have easy access ramps and discreet hoists – grab a drink and relax by the poolside.

Ski-ing and Mountaineering

If you want to try something a bit more physical – then consider a ski-ing trip – or a sky dive!  These types of activities offer fantastic opportunities to push personal boundaries and realise a few ambitions. It’s extra speedy on the ski’s since you are closer to the snow level in a low level sporty adapted chair – one to get the adrenalin pumping!

Cultural Fixes

If staying in the UK is preferable, and you are after a cultural fix, why not take a look at easy to access places of interest? There are now  listings of theatres or cinemas which have DDA Lifts (disabled access lifts) which means that you can plan a good night out. And the listings are very specific for instance, details are provided on where you can find the entrance, how many wheelchair spaces are available, number and location of toilets , loop systems, negotiating steps - always useful to know if you are being assisted by another person. Guide Dogs and Carer Pets are also usually very welcome too and, if for any reason they cannot be taken in, there are staff are available to assist you to your seat, and dog-sit throughout the performance.


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