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Travel Insurance Advice For Dummies

Image insurance.The old favourite of large travel companies who simply love to force it upon us, sometimes scaring us into thinking that if we don't make that all important purchase we are simply going to be doomed from the 'get go'. The fact of the matter is that purchasing travel insurance for your trip isn't such a bad idea, but clearly what you buy and how much you are covered for is solely down to you.    So what do you buy? Travel companies and insurance brokers will tell you that you need to expect the unexpected and these days you can get insurance to cover just about any eventuality. Do you really need to be covered for late flight delays? Yes! If you were relying on a connection of flights to get you to your far flung destination and one missed connection is likely to cause complete chaos for the rest of your travel itinerary, then you may want to seriously think about it.  In essence, think about where you are going, what y

Skiing In Whistler

The Gap Year Of A Lifetime Taking a gap year can be a rewarding experience and is a year to make your own and have many positive experiences. If you're a reasonable skier, then you might be interested in becoming a snow board or ski instructor at Whistler. Home of the 2010 Olympics, Whistler in Canada is famous for its plentiful snow and pristine ski slopes and as well as learning how to become an instructor you'll also learn other valuable skills such as leadership, presentation and commitment, which will be looked upon favourably by future prospective employers. Whistler ski jobs on the slopes are limited in numbers as the Canadian High Commission only issues a certain number of work permits each year.   In order to qualify for a work permit you need to be aged between 18 and 30, hold a full UK passport, and be able to cover your expenses in Canada for the first three months ($1000 per month). The jobs mainly entail teaching youngsters basic skiing skills on

Small or Large Ship? Choose to Cruise

What to Choose? Small Ship or Large Going on a cruise is as much about the journey as the multiple destinations. Many people plan their next sea voyage based on the season or port, but overlook one other crucial aspect:  the ship’s size. The differences between cruising on a small or large ship go far beyond the number of passengers. The lifestyle, focus, activities, dining choices and a multitude of other variables are dramatically different depending on the boat’s size. Weigh the pros and cons before you decide whether a large party cruiser or smaller, more intimate liner is right for you. Passengers A larger cruise ship generally houses anywhere from 1000 to 5000 passengers, while a smaller ship holds less than 500. Many small cruise ships sail with only 150 passengers onboard, making for a more personalized experience. The number of passengers isn’t as pertinent at sea as it is once you leave the boat. Don’t be surprised if you cannot find a seat at a local restaurant

Brighton – A Perfect English Escape

Being just 55 minutes by rail from London, Brighton makes the perfect English escape from London even it is only for a day trip. From iconic tourist attractions like Brighton Pavilion to beach side cool, Brighton has a plethora of places to visit and things to do. Colourful and vibrant, Brighton offers the unique combination of the culture of a city and the fun of a seaside. And with so many to choose from, you can pick the best b&b Brighton has to offer.   From the striking Regency architecture, heritage of the Royal Pavilion and aquariums of Victorian times, through to the fun of the Brighton wheel, there is something here for everyone. Brighton is bursting at the seams with beach front events and sports, tranquil green spaces, plus lots of tourist attractions all waiting to be explored. Just minutes from the city you'll find stunning Sussex countryside, country houses, castles, forts and gardens. If shopping is your thing, then Brighton has to be a retail pa

10 Secret Spots For The Family Holiday

The annual family holiday is always looked forward to and takes a great deal of planning, but just where do families go that is a little bit different, off the beaten track, a secret spot that isn't overly crowded? Here's 10 uggestions which might appeal for the best family holiday in 2012 :  Russian Family Holiday Russia is an amazing destination for enquiring minds. Both St Petersburg and Moscow will open your children's eyes to a very different range of cultural activities. See the Cosmonaut Space Museum or the Ice Museum in Moscow. How about visiting a Cold War Bunker for history buffs or try your hand at painting a Matryoshka doll, there is something for all ages. Adventures in Vietnam Vietnam is rich in culture, and there are thousands of temple sites, but there's also water parks, beaches and lots of other things for children to do. Experience wildlife with primate and turtle conservation centres or stay in a luxury safari tent at Cat Nien Nati

Austria's Amazing Creative Minds

Austria has been the birthplace of some of the most incredible creative minds of the last several centuries. Most people will know that Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart hailed from Salzburg, but they might not know about these native sons and daughters. These are just a few world-changing folks who were born there. Guest post from Jamie Matzke who is a representative of the Alpine Club , a Diamond Resorts International club that offers unparalleled vacation value throughout the world. Find out more about the Alpine Club today! You Can't Throw a Pebble in Vienna Without Hitting a Scientist There are almost too many scientists born in Austria to count. Christian Doppler, born in 1803 in Salzburg, was a mathematician and physicist who was the first to identify the principles around wave frequencies and relative speed. This effect is now named for him; if you've ever noticed that a fire truck's siren seems to get higher in pitch as it passes by you and then lower as it speed

Start Your Holiday Like A Celebrity With Airport Transfers

Airport Transfers Take The Strain We all love going on holiday.  Whether it’s to a gloriously sunny beach resort or a stunningly beautiful lake surrounded by miles upon miles of rolling hills and mountains, holidays give us time to relax and enjoy the simpler things in life.  They rarely start off in a way that is completely stress-free, however and this is largely because of one thing - getting from the airport to your hotel. Fortunately, if you’re happy to spend a little time getting organised before you leave, you can arrive at your resort in style by booking a dedicated airport transfer . We’ve all seen them in the airport - the people who stand in arrivals with a name on a piece of card, very often to take business men and women - and not forgetting celebrities - to their destination in a completely relaxing environment. And although this type of travel was once restricted to the rich and famous, these types of services are becoming increasingly popular - and affor

Les Deux Alpes France

A Ski Resort For All Abilities Les Deux Alpes is suitable for skiers at all levels, although if your up to the intermediate standard you’ll have the most options in this resort. If you are up in the expert group for ski-ing, you will have plenty of off-piste options to enjoy and beginners will gain confidence by the wide, open slopes found around the glacier area. Children can attend the excellent ski school and there is also the crazy snow snow park, designed for snowboarders. The resort is a bit of party town but its safe and offers entertainment for families with young children as well. There are  various nightclubs for those whose legs are still up to an all night dancing session, but if you need something where you can sit down, there is a cinema, a couple of history museums and a bowling alley. If ski-ing isn’t your thing, you can try out the tobogganing, sleigh-riding, and ice-skating facilities and of course, there is ice-climbing too on the glacier. There are plenty

Tourist Attractions Worth the Wait

Four of the world’s most popular tourist attractions which are worth the wait! There’s nothing worse than having your heart set on somewhere extra special for your upcoming holiday than having your plans dashed. Think about it. You’ve reached Orlando, you can see Donald Duck waving frantically in the distance and that pinnacle of your dreams that is Space Mountain, only to be informed that there’s a minimum two hour wait. Two agonising hours before you can clamber on board your favourite fairground ride of all-time! ‘book early to avoid disappointment’. If you think that’s tough, wait until you’ve seen how difficult it is to get to this lot. The Wave, Arizona, USA Actually found on the border of Arizona and Utah, the Wave is a fragile rock formation with a psychedelic appearance formed from 200 million year old Jurassic dunes compressed through time to produce the phenomenon we now see.    Until recently, the Wave was deemed only one of dozens of g

Log Cabin Holidays in Norfolk

Choose a Relaxing Break A summer holiday is a much anticipated event particularly to an old favourite destination with many memories. Log cabin holidays in Norfolk are increasing in popularity largely due to the high quality facilities and excellent value of the accommodation, and this is something that people now look for on booking. Whether it is an active family break or a weekend away for two in peaceful surroundings holidays in this area are firm favourites because there is so much to see and do. Walking, bird watching, cycling and boating are just some of the activities on offer for visitors. Of course some people just like to relax in the holiday complex and enjoy the comfy surroundings. The coast is a very popular place to spend a holiday in this part of the world with some of the best beaches in the country. Places like Hunstanton and Cromer are just a short drive from the log cabin and are very popular family seaside resorts and remain unspoilt. Norfolk is

Five Must Visit Tourist Sites in Berlin

If you only see five major tourist sights during a visit to Berlin....   1. Museumsinsel Bodestrasse 1; 00 49 30 266 2987, ; three-day pass £17 This Unesco heritage collection of museums on the River Spree spans 2,000 years of art and includes the mighty Pergamon Museum and the restored Neues Museum. If it’s sunny, picnic on the Lustgarten and visit the cathedral (Berliner Dom). 2. Reichstag   Platz der Republik 1; 00 49 30 227 32152, ; free The seat of the German parliament is capped with a large glass dome, built by Lord Foster, with great views. Tours (by reservation) are available when the Bundestag is not sitting. 3. Jewish Museum Lindenstrasse 9-14; 00 49 30 2599 3300, ; £4.40 Daniel Libeskind’s celebrated structure is worth a visit for its architecture as much as its content. Designed to disorient visitors, the main exhibit portrays Judaism and the Jews throughout German history. 4. Bra

Disabled Access - Ideas For a Holiday

Gaining access to public building and hotels in the past has often been nigh on impossible, so its good to see that access is improving all the time. The 2010 Equality Act   (EA) provides guidance on what needs to be in place to ensure that everyone has proper access to all public buildings and this concept is now part and parcel of all building regulations – with older buildings are being adapted all the time with a variety of facilities and Disabled Access Lifts .   If you’ve got some time off and are looking for holiday ideas, here are a few to consider.    Hotels In The UK And Abroad With Disabled Facitilies How about looking at hotels that are specifically geared up to enable visitors to access every single bit of the hotel! Warner Holidays have resorts based throughout the UK and Europe and as far flung as Australia, Africa, and the Far East. Facilities will usually include lowered furniture, extra wide doorways, ramped access and roll in showers, together with spac