Australia Has It All

Take The Best Family Vacation in Australia

It’s hard to imagine a family vacation destination more fabulous than Australia. Australia has it all and even a little bit more so don’t forget to bring your sense of adventure - it's sure to get plenty of exercise in Australia.
To begin with, Australia has an entire continent’s worth of beaches. The island is surrounded by them. If beaches are your thing, campervan hire Perth, could be just the thing to get you to your hit list of favourite beach spots. Even the smallest in the group will enjoy the trip. Australia has shallow water for wading and deep seas for fishing. Your family can surf, jet-ski, go boating, snorkeling, SCUBA diving or sight-seeing under the waves. The Great Barrier Reef has more colors than Pantone.

Don’t forget the Land Down Under’s flora and fauna. You’ll see plants you’ve never seen before and won’t see anywhere else. The wildlife is really wild. Australia has animals that are more like Dr. Seuss characters than creatures you’d see in the wild. You'll find kangaroos, wallabies, wombats, Tasmanian devils and the occasional crocodile. 

The Outback is simply huge - mindblowing in scale and the landscape and skies are the biggest you can see. If you get a motorhome hire Australia you'll get the opportunity to really get out and about in the outback.The locals are friendly folks who won't mind setting you back on your road route if you've wandered a bit too far "off road". Meeting people and making friends here is easy - everyone is happy to share their time and have a chat.

If you prefer more  luxurious settings, Australia has lots of first rate resorts and hotels. The resorts on the coast have terrific beachfront property and offer rentals of all types of water-sporting equipment. The inland resorts provide a glimpse of the natural beauty and wonder that Australia has to offer. You can take a trip into the bush and still be minutes away from your luxury suite. Most resorts have golf courses, campgrounds and outdoor swimming pools. Some have spas, heated indoor pools, free WiFi and all the comforts of your very own home.

Do your family a favour and get them over to Australia for a vacation you’ll never forget.


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