Theme Parks with a Difference

It gets boring to visit the usual theme parks where all you see are roller coasters and high drop rides. You want something different. You want theme parks that will stimulate other parts of your body.
If you haven’t got a clue which theme parks around the world are a must see, you better read this article. I have my top 4 list of craziest or scariest theme parks. Make sure that you will include these places in your bucket list

Diggerland in England

Who wouldn’t want to experience riding a huge bulldozer? In Diggerland, you can do that. If you want to drive the big machineries, that’s fine too. Of course, you will be supervised by an expert. It’s something different from the usual colorful theme parks in the US. It is a must try for someone who’s hungry for new thrill.

Harmony Land in Japan

If you have a girl friend or a daughter, she might want to visit Harmony Land. Would you like to know why? She will be surrounded by a lot of Hello Kitties. Yes, this unique theme park is dedicated for Japan’s icon, Hello Kitty. You can see her house, which is of course, in vibrant colors. You’ll also see some of her famous friends. It’s as if you are in a real Sanrio world.

Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi

If you are a racing car buff, this is a theme park that you shouldn’t miss. You’ll be blown away by the park’s aerial view. It’s picture perfect. This is the only place where you can see hundreds of Ferrari items. Hence, I would recommend that you take a lot of pictures. Experience the speed in this fantastic and carefully thought about theme park.

Spooky World in England

If you want to be spooked and to have fun, this is the place. Plan your getaway to this spooky theme park in Halloween. They have the best programs for the kids and the kids at heart. But I don’t want you to expect so much from it. It’s still a theme park that is made for fun. Hence, there’s no need for you to shriek in fear.

Do something different for a change. Let’s move on from Disney Theme Parks. You need to research for something that will stimulate you more. I’m sure you can find more unique theme parks around the world. Go find what pleases you most.

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